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Logan Robertson Aug 2019
Yesterday's fears
Are today's tears
As a gunman rears
On evil stairs
With evil stares
Taking flights of theirs
Three steps there
Racing here, and here
With madness 'tween his ears
He squeezes off any cares
Gunning the airs
For those lost in prayer
As cornered life's tears
At the face, his devil peers
Through a Walmart s lairs
To hells kin he endears
Twenty two pearls smears
Stranded for his wares
Such hatefulness, he bares
His manifest he cheers
Today El Paso spits his despairs
And the neverending nightmares
USA, and mass shootings spheres

Logan Robertson

Once again my heart aches for the victims (22 slain). It's like we're running in circles from evil and it shouldn't be that way.

— The End —