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M-E Jan 28
I SEE the streets

         Reviving in Mohamed V avenue
and I SEE..You..reluctant pigeons
picking, beaking bread crumbs off the grass and palm trees are witnesses that I meant no harm
I SEE You my lonely friend; Pigeon
Sunbathing next to a dry, abundant fountain of nothingness
You speeding engines, cars and buses
You occupied and empty benches
You loners and lovers. Friends and couples

And I SEE and I FEEL You prayers, rising in the sky
From the mosques, synagogues and churches
I SEE Medina walls and gates
defying time and watching over
The comers and goers
As a painting worthiness rise
I SEE and I HEAR West-African, Gnawa Sintir
And Gnawa cymbals -Krakebs- shrilled
A hypnotic tone; A spiritual ritualistic music
Which with each rhythmical hit on the drum
Comes out a heartbeat of life.

— The End —