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Jade C Mar 5
What lies beneath
my pillowy curves, chapstick, strong thighs
hairiness and oceanic longing

I occupy the shadow realm
an androgynous angel
contained in a hyper-feminized body
wave surfing and casting spells with seashells

I enjoy rough-housing and buttery
holding hands and throwing fists
making sand castles and
climbing pointy rocks

when I sip from my thermos of hot pu’erh
a tiger in my belly growls at the seagulls
circling above
sea foam folds like dough

my insides always howling in disagreement
with my outside
I am inspired by the seahorse,
the anemones who exist without binaries

I occupy that entrancing darkness
the liminal realm
just below sea level
a queer body that is limitless and beautiful

— The End —