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Kage Oct 2018
I thought I had fixed things between the two of us
but there was never anything meant to be fixed

I was the one who was broken
and I still am.

Why do I reach out towards you,
like a fish glancing up at a reflection in the water.
I reach out to touch you

Knowing that a taste of your breath
will take mine away.

and still, I continue searching
searching for your warmth
that perhaps was never meant to embrace me in the first place.

But I like imagining the ifs.

Because what if we were
What if we could.
What would you do?

I know you and I know my heart.

You would break it into a million pieces
The only thing I ask is

how small?

If they're large enough,
I'll continue piecing myself together

I'll always come up for air
wanting you to
needing you to

Break me

— The End —