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Derrick Cox Nov 2020
forget snowballs;
a brick of ice will be thrown at your face
when you first go outdoors.
find warmth in your chambers,
in the arms of your lover,
a cup of hot chocolate
or another land to bathe in sunlight.
death comes to collect the rent.
don't expect any mercy.
be immune as your armor
when you wear it outside.
use your will to do what you must.
and be on your guard;
a blizzard will approach you
when it may.
and don't complain that it's freezing.
winter is here
more heartless than the world is.
pretend you have only four months to live
with snow
falling from heaven.
use it
and live while you still can.
I wanted to describe Winter. What a better way to do it in a metaphor of Mortal Kombat's popular character, the ninja of ice Sub-Zero.
Raymond Cuadrado Dec 2019
Told me to open the bible and turn to John
but I worship the passage of 117,
keeping my words set in plasma,
I love the symbolism,
Inspiring me to fight for Reach.

I don't need no mentats,
moving with the speed of my finesse
with max 10 intelligence
and 11 perception,
Lone Wanderer perk activated
on full sprint from the grim reaper.

Running in circles like a Kabal,
getting lost and confused
but staying strong like a hellspawn,
but no fatalities
as you get your throat ripped off
left in awe from this flawless victory,
But I'm chilling
at sub zero degrees.

But you see, this is just a distraction,
Mind your misconception
as I move down this passage
with my thoughts so massive,
I just need to relax
as I move further to my goals.
This reminds me a lot of when I wrote Wide Awake. I had a lot of fun creating certain lines.

— The End —