Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

Ya really got to wonder
how the process really works
Turning food into something
closely akin to mud, or dirt

Eat that steak or yogurt
and magically it seems
It's turned to something brown
as out your ass, it streams

The mysteries of waste
a defecated product made
simple fertilizer proof
of something, now decayed

It's a total wonder
as joy upon release
a crap that feels so good
as defecations, cease

God in his infinite wisdom
created life and everything
laughing uncontrollably
as bowels, are emptying

:D Oh yeah, The crapolla is in the house!
I would have marked this "adult", butt, let's face it, it's not ;D~
Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

Didn't quite make it
to the toilet today
liquidity of solids
in full disarray

Underwear as victim
stains that won't wash
running down hallways
no hope of panache

The simplicity of horror
guests pushed out of the way
screaming down corridors
docking the caterer's pay

Wife did the shopping
I think that I will die
crap upon my hand
a lousy single ply

I think my Dad, has actually found a place that sells 0.5 ply :D

— The End —