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Contains Adult Themes

'i took ****** for mainting the ******* of my *****
after ******* its in my nature i have tried
condoms oils exercises *** toys self ****
self ****** self **** olive oil *******
head ache oil ******* hair gel *******
spit ******* nose mucus *******
**** ******* menstrual blood & mucus *******
soap ******* so i had in mind to try
****** ******* for continuos ******* for thrice
for four times after consuming the 50mg ******
under 3 mins precum came out with excess speed
and i masturbated my ***** remained ***** after *******
i tried again it remained ***** again i continuously ******
for an hour it was ***** i loss my stamina wore up my pants
and sat down in my room tried again after 5 hours
it got ***** and remained ***** after ******* as well
i got worried about it being priapism I went on to sleep
without any ****** thoughts i woke up and tried jerking
it remained ***** after ******* i was worried
it was 18 hours of consumption i went on to do
my daily work and tried twice at night
and experianced same condition next day
i visited a urologist and showed him my ****
while standing he pressed it and it got ***** he tried
scaring me by telling you need a surgery in which i will insert
a needle and pull off the unrequired blood i got scared
he told me to visit another doctor he gave me
his address i went to visit him and he checked my ****
after laying down'

— The End —