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Tommy Randell Mar 2018
Then it was a time
Of moving on
As fast as Now
Seems to be
When Lives are filled
With what we all want
From a world littered
With things to Have

I'd hoped for tacit
Not to be found out
Lacking the necessary
Context of words
Considering the more
I borrow from myself
An Emperor with no clothes

I fear it won't be Now
This time around
Yet another self portrait
With no raison d'ĂȘtre
Yet another diatribe
Penned with thin ink
Bleeding into the screen
Nothing but pixels

We write don't we
To move the Future on
Doubt though now
As the battery fades
With the lack of flow
With such meagre
Vowel movements
I would have to say if asked this poem owes so much to my loyalty to the Poems & Ideas of the American poet, John Ashbery. His Art and use of words has beguiled me for many years - and though I aspire, I continue to fail.

— The End —