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Boygene Borice Apr 2018
Today I woke up with a smile,
Not that daily smile, but the one with glory,
I could feel the touch of your love,
I could hear the whisper of your affection,
I could smell the romance of us,
Moving through the core of us.

Today my Love, as this day we celebrate,
I want to love you like the sun loves the day,
Like the stars cherish the nights,
To hold you like the sky holds the new moon,
To walk with you like my own shadow,
For you are the making of my life.

The glory of my love I bestow upon you,
I will hide in my heart like a treasure,
I will preserve your heart like a precious stone,
I will clothe you with love like a bridegroom,
I will radiate our love to shine in our paths,
For you are the one with me as I am with you
Always love

— The End —