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Katelyn Enders May 2015
You let me draw mountains on your shoulders, as if you needed a reminder of what you carried with you every day. Atlas, bearing the world on your shoulders. You were always stronger than me.

"You'll still be here when I wake up, right?"
"I'm no good for you, or for anybody."

Imagine a sunset made of the colors of every person you've loved's eyes. Imagine it setting over the ocean. If you listen closely, the waves sound a lot like, "is it okay if I kiss you?" But now the moon won't stop hiding.

You are a dream that I can never remember in the morning. Eyes the color of glass shards you find on the beach, I'm an ocean full of Valentines that say "please text me back, I don't know what I did wrong" and "I liked it better when you said 'hello' in the hallways." You kissed like shooting stars and left like meteor showers.

You looked at me like I was a carousel at 3 in the morning in July. Most nights I'm not sure if I'm real or not, but with you I know I'm a ghost. I still dance with the devil every now and again, and he keeps asking me where you've been.

You'll always be just a daydream away.
dear somebody

— The End —