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Johnny walker Mar 11
My Hearing has got quite bad of late can't hear the clock tick anymore where once It seemed
loud I don't always hear what my son says It has become a bit embarrassing to have him repeat himself all the
Always told my hearing would get worse after my last hearing
they said, can't get on
with hearing aids, I've been given they're not very good
tinnitus is what It
they say caused by noisy environment think going deaf not being able
hear music just every day sounds I wouldn't deal with that, but going to get worse, so I'm going to have
to get used to going
Tinnitus Is to what It called gradually getting worse, you
when Its Is when keep asking people to repeat themselves all the time so embarrassing
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I now see a light that has
lite my way, hopefully guide me through the
rest of my
A beam
of light suddenly that
has lightened a once
very dark place I hidden away from the
But gradually I've been bought back to a life I
once considered leaving for good, so very glad I didn't
For I believe there's still something to be gained from remaining In this world I so nearly left for good
I had once nearly considered leaving this world for good so glad I didn't for now I feel there's still something left for me gain how Strange life Is
Latifah Nov 2018
Because our love was a
Deadly poisonous snake
That killed me gradually.

— The End —