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Chill-e Sliphop Aug 2020
*** this stress up off my back/
I lost my Lac, in fact, to the repo man/
These drug sprees is killin me like kryptonite n Superman/
I duck dodge, Bobby weave, but Whitney push my wig back/
Apparently, I can’t see, life to me like cataracts/
Ain’t no stacks, ain’t no wealth, no reparations, only tax/
Child support, credit cards, student loans, all facts/
This .40 cal gittin light as hell/
Might smack the hammer, ring my bell/
Abundance she a fickle *****/
I catch her *** I’ma **** her quick/
Quick sand our life, slim/
Struggle we fall more in/
No hope for black men/
Bear traps on our leg, slim/
So bury me n more sin/
My conscious was absent/
You could tell by our accent/
We react by snap-in/
Who is you n her ta judge/
We born in sin, you never was/
You listen ta rap ta catch a buzz/
We catchin slugs, you showin love/
So miss me wit that *******/
Life hit me wit a full clip/
Do a jig, *** TikTok rich/
Own the rights or be a slave to it/

— The End —