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Dennis Willis Apr 22
Do you want me to be impressed with your lying?
Tell me about outlandish things
Plaster yourself against the Event Horizon
Lyricize your friction with now
**** the **** of please help me

I am wishing

this is at attention
this is a momentary
daily trance
of lift

Sweep your hand
along the surface
is there sharpness
or wetness

I am wishing
in that direction
you can't hear
'thout crossing your legs

Wishing for hardness
bangingingly loud
conscription of
******* of

that *******
rain, an hour before dawn
your choosing not me
all the way home

its insightful your pique
it's precondition
my bad intent
your justified

and this is solid
all the way up
a wave off
of words

I am NOT going to tell you
Another ******* ending
They are all lies on the inside
of our tumble

of our lyrical stumble
to serialize pulling away
leaving to get
elsewhere familiar

[email protected] Dennis Willis

— The End —