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51st State ain't a fit state,
so Uncle Scam can stick his free trade!
I'd rather stay home on Knifecrime Isle,
just avoid Babylon-don, globalist plague.

Yank planks shoot down Obamacare,
yet pledge to mass sidearm-chosis.
Superpower w/ a deathwish,
all of our nemesis.
Wall St. planet of collateral damage.
America, world's more than a star
in Melania's prayers!

Melania, Melania!
Plastic prayers!
America, America!
Plastic prayers!

Tinpot rocket kettles called black
by yuge orange imperialistic ***,
whilst Rust Belt runs on crystal ****
& cosmic chocolate fireguard called God.

Guess in America God can hear
you better from a golden tower...

— The End —