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Robert Watson Dec 2020
Downward a brink strewn with craggy rubble,
I, confounded by impervious haze,
Despair the convoluted path and stumble.
Slick, sable stones reduce me to my knees.
The glorious Pilgrimage beckons me:
“Rise and seek out yonder city of gold,
descend ye from thy safe promontory
And subject thyself to dangers untold.”
On bended knee, head bowed, I pray and plead
For provision and eased yoke -and trudged on.
Abandon all hope, and many concede,
At the wicket gate, where I near anon.
    Tenant of celestial city now.
    With robust garden, I reflect my plow
First Attempt at a Sonnet. I'm not sure if the meter of poem is correct, but I tried my best.
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
Her eyes flutter soon as they sense someone encroaching
Her nose in fear of uncertainty starts running
Like a Dear in sight of a predator approaching
As her hanky is sent up her nose cleaning

I get a closer look at her beautiful *******
Their sudden rise like a volcanic plug
Or cunning waves in an Ocean with gigantic crests
But soon as I’m close enough all she gets is a hug

Then I place my head on hers close enough to her lips
Which tremble probably in fear of the belief all speech is lies
While all through a burning urge to kiss her hard at me nips
Seeing tears of doubt gather clouding the skies of her eyes

Her heart beats too violent for someone of her age
Seems she’s grown to believe for love,pain’s her only wage
My first attempt of a sonnet :o

— The End —