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Ms Noma Jul 2018
I wish I could escape
This life of mine I hate
I wish that I could shape
A life with better fate

What’s the point of God?
If all he does is watch
I wonder does he nod,
Or turn up my pain a notch?

A silent, passive ghost
That’s what I’ve become
Living off a host
And withering in glum

Wake up and make some noise
I urge my ghostly self
Your life is full of choice
As long as you’ve good health

I know tis but a phase
I pray its end is near
I’m tired of this maze
That’s trapping me in fear

I know I’m in a cycle
An endless, spinning wheel
I’m afraid to take the fall
And face up to what is real.
KCatharsis Jan 2017
Strong, very strong.
Said her mind.
While, her heart?
It suggested her to cry.
Pain, pressure, all mere things in front of her,
As she cried, over the memories of past hints.
             lost memories.

— The End —