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Divine Dao-3 Mar 2016
Aww wow the visual world is become distorted
Help!!! The all pervading abstract art is me eating up
The familiar The girlsurroundings I'm bumping auch! !
Into the ****** crystal chandelier  Why does it have to grow right out of this absurd scuffy and smitten sofa
dangling sadly
beneath this blatant ceiling ... Ohhh awaww where are the Stairs to my bedroom **** ! they are twisted like a shabby shaggy. No no no how  can I climb now up to my pink silvery bedroom? I need a rest! The  windows became cracks of the lawnmowers soil pointing to the magma earth core. Or is it vacant and inhabited!? I have to go ballistic  Braaaaaam a flight out of the lobsters hut hut succeded Love shack is grooving
Everybody is moving come around I'll shake the tree branch and have a lovely dawn dinner with wise clouds. Even got a grip on a beautiful anthem borne upon allmighty god's finger. I
Am pushed forward with artistic arms plentitude dancing the strokes across my ideal robes. I don't need an unbreakable strong rope anymore - ditto !!!? I have three eyes. One for you.
One for me. One for the emerald sea.
Thank you
Tha k you

— The End —