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The Dedpoet Jan 2017
In the carnival of the Barrio
The moment's invent themselves,
Another world apart from
The lunatic normalcy,
       Confederation of fire,
The nomadic nocturne spiraling
Into the darkness,
    A magnetosphere of addiction,
A high voltage need
That crawls on the very skin.
        People in a drama:
A woman limps bursting
Into the eyes of the unseeing,
A hand for a hand,
The emotions stir inside,
Coins fall into her,
       Clusters of emotions,
Spinning webs that scatter
The hearts,
She skips off into the cityscape.

I see a people in a tunnel vision,
Perhaps I am part of them,
I speak as I watch the addicted;
       A forest of needles
       In the arms that reach,
A man whose youth is alive
In the body that's seems so old,
     The endless hand that reaches,
Falling without falling,
The night insisting on his existence,
Hands full, he runs to deal with

The desolation of the addicted,
A couple holding hands
Walking the street,
He lets her go into the sky
And she is picked up
By a raining comet,
He waits for her return,
Money in hand,
To the nocturnal lament
They become as they pass through
The eye of a needle.

The streets were once rivers,
The houses were once gold,
But the night takes the shimmering
And turns it away from
The additicted nocturnal.
The streets are filled with hustlers, all types of people hustling for drugs or survival. I see it everyday, I watch them sometimes and learn how they live. This poem is just one example of what I have witnesed.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
Month of January,
My words wander through
Your snow to gather
Crystalline Icycles and fragrance
From burning fires.
Come Winter, my love,
The grey days of chill
Warm the heart,
A blessed scape for holding
My lover drifting in white days,
The flakes fall as you approach
And form a memory,
Frozen in my eyes as though
The season were brought upon
Just for this moment.

Look, in my eyes,
An angel walks in the snow
So that the cold sun could
Shinedown upon you,
Cotton and your rose petal
Cheeks, smile at me as
You shiver and kiss the crimson
Of your lips,
The season of Winter,
A reason to hold you....
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
Only your presence is real:

I can see your shoulder, left,
You eat a peach folded on the couch,
The summer it began
As a diaphanous drop
Of wine spilled under
Your lips,
Through you the transparency
Of the world,
Under motionless present
Your timeless gaze,

A quiver of light,
Your naked shoulder.

The foam of your body
As the wave hits my shores,
Living waters,
I swear the world is your substance,
You hear my footsteps
Throbbing in the shadows,
      The silken flattery
Of your smile,
The hour glass of your figure,
Suspended between us
I kiss you,
The rain does not wet you
Because you are a flame,
     Your lips taste of wine;

Our bodies stretch the dawn
Uprooting the world.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
I wonder often which side
Of the coin I am on,
The magnificent irony of God
For giving me words;

I am the lightless eyes that see
From the dark what is leftover
From a library of dreams that
Seem dimly lit longing to be.....

Each stanza I vainly write,
Or are they written already,
Insensible scribblings wondering
If I am the poem or the poet,

A book of sonnet infinite,
Inaccessible rhymed schemes
Prewrit as the lost manuscripts
Of Alexandria lost to fire,

I live among the metaphorical,
Gardens of verbs and fountains
Of nouns, the blind word speaks
All that is seen.

Librarian of my days,
The the form is free I believe,
The cosmic universe in which
I write call to me in words,

Who am I?
The poem or the poet,
The twilight of my days have
Come to wonder what's real,

The delectable world I watch,
The words feed into me,
I realise I am a poet
Living inside the poem.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
I didn't want new shoes,
Not from the Goodwill store again.
My father opened his piggy bank,
I guess there are other boys
Who would take the shoes
You have now.

Ping, ping, ping,
Quarters hitting the counter
As he payed for shoes I didn't choose.

My friends can tell if the shoes are used
Or not, I looked up at my father.

You haven't even seen the shoes,
You've been nagging the whole time!

My whines could be heard round
The Westside, from the seat of the
Truck I imagined the ridicule,
The mean things they would say
And I would be parylyzed
From their words.

I put them on the next day.

My father would never have guessed
He chose used Jordan sneakers,
His wise natural character beyond
Such things, whose calming voice
Made the world  rearrange to sense.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
Notes, musical keys, rythmic changes-
A modification of the Word
Which purifies her soulfulness
And expresses clarities in the fog,
The hint of Dickinson in her words,
The scent of reality in her reflection,
     The words become a path:

One wet summer I heard your words,
The vibrant sky breaths
And the sun became as embers
Of poetic sacrifice,
Through reading your poem
I became as a double being,
Movement began
A sudden dispersion of birds
Followed by the Humm of water
On stone,
Murmurs of infinite moments
Painting them all like some
Poet Saint,
The words became a lineage
To the unfathomable depths of you,
In the helix of hours
The beat of the sea and the stilled
Shimmers of light on water can be found
In the edification of her poetry;

Master strokes,
Like a naked liberation
Of a diamond body beyond
A turquoise sunset,
A co concubine of words
That form constellated meanings
Among the pnumbra,
Reminiscent of the March of hours
In which the words come
And a fixed glitter in her eyes form,
The form of woman,
A form of dizziness
Like a dance of wind and water,
I read between the words,


I imagine a lamp in the middle
Of the night,
A pen and a womans scorching
Words as God had spoken
The First Word,
Like a moon in heat in midday's
Grasp, she counters every word
Of expression
Like a cell for my tortured soul,
She became my solitary star,
I wander in her hours,
Hungry for more words,
A memory inventing itself,
She makes the sky walk the land.
For my infinitely talented friend Vicki.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
I met her by chance
Standing in the middle of destiny
Governing all eyes who passed,
All who could not adress her.

The solitary star she was
With her own kind of light
That goes on fiery,

It runs from the night
And lends beauty to day,
Like the blaze of a dark Star,
Birth of a second life,
Ebony girl,
I rip myself from the serpent's tooth,
I awaken from a thousand days
Of forever and she brings
Me forth from oblivion,
I utter one word between my lips,


The word of nocturnal beauty,
I wish to plant the seeds so
Loving, so caressing,
They grow inside her heart,
I bequeath it all,
Should it all be just a dream,
Running or flying,
She flanks the reality
And  pours her own brand
Of living waters,

Ebony girl,
Your lightning sweet and tremendous,
You give my clouds wind,
Warm me and hold me
Closer to the fire
Of your chest.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
I barely know your name,
I have seen your face,
A sorrowful divinity,

Delicate like the pain in your eyes,
Small, sweet, yet somehow broken,
The tranquil pain says so much.

Your hair drinks in the light,
And your hands hold a smooth
Grief that grows deep and kills,

Eventually you will see a poem
And wonder if you are like that,
If your beauty is calamitous,

If your rose petal smile
Cries with humble tears
When you look at distant stars,

Wether you see white doves
Of dark Ravens ,
Or even both in your sleepy heart,

You who hold the adoration
Of the blind man,
In love with shells,

You- beauty of the sorrows-
Have a sweet hole in your heart,
Love complete, body and soul,

I confess your picture is a spectre,
It exhausts my soul
And I open my arms,

Would you run to me?
Would you just half smile
And cry a tear for what will never be?

You have a divine thirst,
And your eyes carry a myriad
Of fluttering whispers,

Words that float to me,
The wrath of your being,
One day to find one another.....

The bitter heaviness of your name,
Angela....Angela...... Angela,
I whisper to broken air,

Your picture is a feast of beauty,
Yet I cannot hope for more
Than a haunted glare.

I sink myself into mortal grief,
The paralysis of you,

You leap to life
When nothing is possible.
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
Deep into consideration
I balance thought and option,
I wonder if the weight of the self
Crowned moment will get to me,
I rush, I sweat, I sit,
I wonder what Im gonna wipe with....
The Dedpoet Jan 2017
Your vision is stuck in my eyes:
The time you stared at me,
Waiting for me to cross our destinies,
As I crossed, nervous and anxious,
Your smile withered all doubt.

    It's wild, you know,
The depths of those memories
    I hold near me always.

   And from the depths of my love
A taste of your lip gloss climbs
To my lips stilling my time,
I don't know what glimmers
In the kiss, but the fragrance
Stayed with me to this day.

I take you with me
Everywhere in peace or wild times,
In the memory it trickles
Unto the maddening day.

Your the same wild girl
Today as when I first brought
You to my side.
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