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Matthew Roe Aug 2018
Is it discriminatory to hate
the fungus that can spread in the bodies of ants.
through the nerves
until it scrapes through the cerebral nerve
driving them mad
climbing the heights of rainforest giants
which they can’t get back down from.
When it takes their mind,
Are they now the same?

Is it discrimination,
If I **** the select black pages of a book that tumble along the desert winds, their words cursing those
under the God.
For those in letterboxes, I have a message: do you want to be defined by your value as a possession?

Is it discrimination,
To wish us rid of those who will condemn our humour and joy,
for it is a sign of humanity.
On online forums that do not have to except a human flood and a culture crushed to single metal pieces,
Will not except a yellow glutton carnivore
as president,
Will not except the red and blue beams from the sun being darkened by a night-black swarm of red and yellow striped wasps,
the vibrant joy of star fruit now as constructing as imperial gold.

Rid your bike,
Shine your light
For Tiananmen is abroad.
Location decided not by a treaty,
But by those who cling to a rising sun,
Not shineless stars.
Inspired by a video I watched about the Chinese governments encroachment on the autonomy of Hong Kong and how a ceremony to remember the victims of the Tiananmen massacre is held in Hong Kong because such demonstrations are banned in China.
‘Winnie the pooh’=the new film being banned in China due to the president being compared to the titular character.
‘Letter box’=the current Boris Johnson controversy, in regards to the Burkha. I disagree with the Burkha because it asserts that women should base their lives around how they appear to men.
‘Single metal’/‘joy’=the EU, how it attempted to ban memes and the failure of the Euro.
‘Red and blue sun beams’=the Tibetan flag.

— The End —