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I've lived in many places
But I was raised
In Utah
The same
Place Brigham Young
Once brought the chosen pioneers

They are my legacy
Or maybe I Am


I mean looking
Back we all see that

Brigham Young
Was a creep
The American Moses

They called him back then
He was a cult leader
Then and now

He was also well loved
By most accounts
By his people

The same people
Who by today's laws we would
Call child abuse victims

But enough on
Brother Brigham
Today I stand at the

"This Is The Place Monument"

Where Brigham once said,
"This Is The Place"
This is

My place right now
I live in Salt Lake City
The very same lake town

I was born in
On May 17,

Twin boys

My parents both in
Mid-forties we
Were surprise babies

To say the very least
My mom had not
Borne child
They haf thought
Their clocks had stopped

But now

I was the 6th of 6 children
Or the 7th if you counted
Our dead sister

And even though
I no longer believe in
The Plan of Salvation

Joe Smith
Brought to us
By Gosh

I still think this place
Carries a special magic

Music like
Imagine Dragons
Neon Trees
The Killers

All come from
Utah Mormon

So did Mitt Romney
And the 2002
Olympics we
Hosted in my hometown

I moved to Heber Valley
Where the cross country skiing
Olympic events took place

My middle school gave free
Tickets to good students
And I got the ski jumping

Which was pretty boring tbh
But still cool cause like
It was the Olympics

And I was right
Right here

I've worked in
The Nation's Capital
For the Majority

Harry Reid
(Also Mormon)
Fun fact

I spent two years
In 5 different cities all
Over Costa Rica

Went to Law School
In Charlottesvile next to
Thomas Jefferson's farms

Mastered the Socratic Arts
Teaching LSAT games in Orlando,
Tampa, Miami, and Talahassee

Watched Arrested Development
In Washington DC
On a weekly basis with

The neice of our current
Ambassador to Russia
John Huntsman

His brother, Peter,
Her daddy

The wealthiest Mormon
Alive besides maybe
Her Grandaddy

Larry Miller
Who owned the Utah jazz
Rest In Peace


The Marriot Family
Out in Washington D.C.
With all them hotels


Clayton Christensen
Who runs the Harvard
MBA Program

Came close
She ended up marrying one of my
Best friends

From my time
In Washington

The last place I lived
Before moving back to

Was Denver where I
Consulting on Huntsman's
Pension Plans

But like a magnet
Something strong ******
Me back to SLC

And now here I am
At This Is The Place

For my very
First time
Part 1 of 3
During the 30 years between the Mormons' arrival in Utah in 1847 and [his death in] 1877, Young directed the founding of 350 towns in the Southwest. Thereby the Mormons became the most important single agency in colonizing that vast arid West between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada."

— The End —