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in this life fwoah dream destroyed the demons by saying "the magic number is three" aka the livin, aka boz the destroyer, my son's, favourite number. i heard them all blow up like some wild firework display all around the earth for about a month.

you know it's a demon when they start offering you a contract from behind some kind of wall. the trick is not to say anything in response as even saying 'go away' classifies as 'negotiating' which means they can carry on harrassing you. if you do not respond to the offered contract they then have to redo all their maths and offer you a new contract which they will repeat four times - usually the numbers involved stack up behind the name of the new contract which they will repeat 4 times and usually involve the number 4 and the number 7. if you still say nothing they have to leave you alone for 24 hours. expect them to get angry if they have to offer new contracts as they have to work out all their new numbers.

demons were originally fallen angels that bartered for peoples souls. this was all to do with peoples good and evil points which they could trade, but the demons became more and more evil and it was a silly idea anyway to barter with your soul.

question - when do you say the magic number is three if speaking to them classifies as 'negotiation'
the answer is you may say this after you have ignored them for an hour and then they will go up in smoke.

the only other thing you need to know about demons is you can only become a demon if you have *** with one.  

why i am posting this? it is useful information if you are being harrassed by demons and i think everyone should know what to do.

why does saying "the magic number is three work"? the demons can't survive the goodness in saying 'the magic number is three' after all the evil they have done with the number's 4 and 7. remember words are very powerful things.

— The End —