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EmperorMoth Dec 2019
Royalty, oh royalty, listen to my speech
Tell me how it feels to be so high up in your seat
Blessed with your beauty, though so empty from within
How'd you beat a game that only you would never win
Such a pretty prince placed so neatly on the board
A treasure piece, i hate to say, that I did once adore
So lost in your desire to control the perfect life
You'd break the other pawns, but to them, it was just the rife
I'd hate to have to tell you, but oh prince, woe, woe to you
Your reign of sorrow, so much demise, i am afraid, is due
Your soul has left you with a shell that won't have much to gain
Karma bites back, even you, my love, will drench under the rain.
You've taken a part of my heart...
And that means you can't truly lose...
But because I have heart left, it beats,
But i'll always know how I was used.

— The End —