Mike Essig May 2015

Each morning,
eyes open,
a combat jump,
falling back
into the world.

If you trample the world
don't expect it
to kiss your feet.

Practice kindness
or the world will die.
The inescapable choice
we must all make.

Greed is not a virtue.
Make that your mantra.
Greed is not a virtue.

Do not let the enemy
steal the language
of your heart.

You are dying.
Why bother doing
anything you
don't want to?

Wealth and power
don't mean shit
except on a
temporary basis.

Your name means
captivating in Hebrew.
I am your prisoner.

Mammals crave touch
and mammalian warmth.
We are mammals.
Touch me; warm me..

I wish you had
a thousand fingers.

Random thoughts
Mike Essig Apr 2015

and kindness
will always
bring you more
than money.

Honor is a word
that is disappearing
from our vocabulary.
When it is gone,
we will be gone too.

Love is a word
said too much
and meant too little.

Freedom means privacy;
this is no longer
a free country.

When you run out
of alternatives,
life gets interesting.

We are all immigrants here;
remember that before you hate
someone who just happened
to arrive after you did.

When the choice
is between war and peace,
always choose peace,
but be ready for war.

A veteran is a person
who had to hold a gun
so you wouldn't have to.
Don't say thanks, say sorry.

If you don't see
your own beauty,
you will never see
the world's beauty.

Women are powerful,
men are just easy:
forget that at your peril.


Random day; random thoughts
Mike Essig Apr 2015

Tending the fire
is tedious,
but necessary.

Money is very handy
when your tooth aches.

Everyone quits smoking
when they die.

Love hurts:
loneliness hurts

Whiskey may not be
warmer than her breasts,
but is usually more available.

When someone tells you
something is better than sex,
they are lying.

Every newborn
has the Buddha nature...
for about thirty seconds.

Asking if this spiritual path or that
leads to God is like asking
if a photon is a wave or particle.
The answer is always yes.

Death is the answer;
the difficult part
is figuring out the question.

Say good-bye to love
and you say good-bye
to your life.

TN thoughts

— The End —