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Alin Jul 2015
I eat cashews for breakfast
and all kinda luxury nut mix

and all the jealous chicky chickens
at the backyard cluck cluck bra:

“We  shall also laugh...
when it’s thanksgiving time”

Poor pulltiepullies
they are so stupid
I wanna Hop Up on them
they do not know how to
miserly is their earning
after daily laying &
they gotta yearn for a
thanks giving!
for good  grain  
for good grain
like mine
like mine

Oh only if they could fan out tails beautifully like me
Oh only if they could gobble so loud like me
they need no-nothin then
to get
better grain

It’s eventually give and take - Yeah
Give and Take

but Now
I have to badly  
a song for an ignorant turkey - ignorance in general

— The End —