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Pep Jul 2016
I don’t remember how many cups of red wine I took in.
It's like a fruit, deliciously exploring my mouth and throat.
It made me cool for only a second, but my belly is warm with need.
A need  for you to explore my mouth with that tongue of yours.
Is your tongue long, warm, or cool?
I wonder if your tongue would fight mine for dominance.
I want your sloppy kiss, your aggressive kiss, your sweet kiss, but I really want your possessive kiss.
Dominate and claim me with that kiss.
Can you even kiss?

I don’t know, but I would really like to find out.
before she left him
5. La Loba
Tried and waited everyday for you to tell me
that you miss me
sitting outside the cold and breezy
land I obey when
you cast away
my servant-ship services
even though this is all I have to offer
Your Highness but
I do not complain
At all

Wanted to tell you the truth that I don't like this
but the fear inside me turns the letters to **** kiss
that your smile and comfort will reward me
in the afterlife
instead you will sometimes insist
then hiss and diss away to a land where
black ink on a paper is champion
over the living cells of the world
full of interstellar relation-

Unfortunately gladly accepted
my fate
but recently acquired
strength to fight it, not give crap
about the consequence of pain
the Future will surely

— The End —