Twilight Zone Feb 17

I sat down in what seems
like a big barber's chair
in an operating room.

I was curled up so small
I felt like I'd fit in a balloon
with a salon in my stomach.

I looked above at a bag
like a flying jellyfish hanging
on a metal coat rack.

All I knew is the nurse
told my mother to hold me
down as if I was caffeine.

The nurse shoved a needle
in my vein the size of a nail
I wanted to murder her.

I looked above me saying
to myself where has all my
blood gone!? Shock dyes.

My favorite brother pokes
his head through the door
laughing which I hated.

To this day we wonder
why they needed my blood
to flood into a big bag.

I still don't know my blood
type either but I never felt
like it was universal.

I like to think it was for
a little girl who faught
cancer enough to live.

So I got my certificate in
phlebotomy when I grew up
but then asthma took over.

— The End —