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How I got here?
I don't remember.
Where should I go?
I don't know.
I know I am here and that's enough.

My world is mine,
Nobody else's.
Only I see what I see,
But I also know
That my view
Is one among many.

I am not less,
I am not more,
I am the exact measure
Of what I should be,
For everyone that,
By my side,
Compose an unique me.
This poem, although only published now, was written in February 23rd during an event with great people to understand the meaning of "presence". It was coincidently the last poem of this project of 365 poems in 365 days. Due to a miscount, it was in fact the 367th poem. Thanks to all my dear friends of Voz 4 that were an important inspiration to write it, which I offered as a gift to them.

— The End —