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Mar 25 · 137
unpinkyed promises
Sydney Rose Mar 25
was your pinky not tightly holding mine
when you promised to have devotion
to only me
as your lips preached the words
of forgotten love
on your strawberry stained lips
Mar 14 · 300
anger management
Sydney Rose Mar 14
i sm starting to realize

you cannot give emotions to a reaction
when thee gave birth the action
Jan 25 · 195
you for me
Sydney Rose Jan 25
what disappoints me the most

is that i was really wishing

you were rooting for me

in the end of all of this
Jan 25 · 82
Sydney Rose Jan 25
my heart breaks in shatters

as you knew it was
always me
but you
always been
for her
Jan 25 · 78
for me
Sydney Rose Jan 25
what if you were the one

for me

and i let you go
but then again
if you were the one
this situation
wouldn’t be
the one

to think if you were the one

for me
Jan 25 · 97
i love you maybe
Sydney Rose Jan 25
i think i am falling in love
with someone who has forgotten my soul

because i have neglected their existence
as i praised another

and my words of lipgloss stained lies
will not bring them back this time
Jan 25 · 81
tunnel vision
Sydney Rose Jan 25
what hurts the most

is that

i always knew

you’d be the one to hurt me

Dec 2021 · 117
ghost of you
Sydney Rose Dec 2021
i wish i knew that
the day we met
we would not last a lifetime
so i could cherish the present
instead of reminiscing now
everything that could have been
through the ghost of you
Nov 2021 · 207
in time
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
caught in the middle of deciding

to wait for you
to wait for me

the old me before you
Nov 2021 · 113
light the dark
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
and as i watch the smiles
shine bright across my sight
i still remember yours
as you brightened my life
and now i must do the same
Nov 2021 · 153
wrong timing
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
they come around
always they come back
yet not
at my right time
gosh i hate timing
Nov 2021 · 343
tongue tied
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
there was so much i wanted to say
he was not the one
i wanted to tell it all to
Nov 2021 · 94
no refund
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
what hurts the most
is that
i can never get back
what you have taken
from me

Nov 2021 · 95
f is for you
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
i gave a million *****
you could not give one
Nov 2021 · 226
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
the sore pain my heart is suffering from
will never heal
as you broke a piece of mine
to bandage yours
to be a better you for your return to her
Nov 2021 · 79
2:41am thoughts
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
if you loved me


why was there a her?
Nov 2021 · 547
fool's paradise
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
was your heart not devoted to mine
when my melodies sung for yours
as the sun rose on my side to wake
the soul of yours you have left behind
in the life you continue to forget
that we have created together
as the sunsets on your end to her
Sep 2021 · 139
forgive me
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
what hurts the most
is that i loved you
when i was meant
to love him instead
Sep 2021 · 410
in my dreams
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
and as i lay myself to sleep
my dreams remind me
you are only here
to hurt me
Sep 2021 · 65
revival of the wicked
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
what they did not know
was that i was not the villain
wickedly casting spells of hatred
on thee who spoke hell
upon the name of i

what they did not know
was my origin story
that caused me to go wicked

what they did not know
was that it was thee
who stabbed the knife
poured blood of revenge
from my pure golden skin
to spark the evil within
Sep 2021 · 353
living in my dreams
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
i realized that
i am not in love with you

i am in love
with the person
you promised to be
in my very own life
May 2021 · 80
stained glass
Sydney Rose May 2021
i prefer gold over diamonds
because at the end of the day
even the prettiest
can be artificial
May 2021 · 91
wake up call
Sydney Rose May 2021
your heart did not
match your actions
and that is when
i decided to
say goodbye
May 2021 · 68
false perceptions
Sydney Rose May 2021
my heart is giving up
and my body is tired
for giving the world
to those who
do not view me
as their world
Apr 2021 · 218
ripped red flags
Sydney Rose Apr 2021
you are showing me
every possible reason
not to love you
yet i still ignore the warning signs
Apr 2021 · 69
Sydney Rose Apr 2021
i am starting to get disappointed in myself
for allowing acceptance of the ****
that i should not be putting up with in my life

forgive me but i am hopeful
Feb 2021 · 88
imagery fantasies
Sydney Rose Feb 2021
i am falling in love
with just the idea of you
living inside of my mind
beautifully as imagery
Feb 2021 · 93
killing me softly
Sydney Rose Feb 2021
having so much on my mind
dying to tell you my secrets
it would be the death of us
forgive me for i cannot say
Nov 2020 · 96
inside of me
Sydney Rose Nov 2020
it is funny how
i see myself inside of you

it is funny
because i am saddened with the girl i have become
Nov 2020 · 85
i am not her
Sydney Rose Nov 2020
i think it hurts to be me
searching for the girl
who used to be
before used was she

teenage years haunt a falsehood of reality
but i think it hurts me most
becoming someone i shall disappoint
Oct 2020 · 84
Sydney Rose Oct 2020
it cannot be the color yellow
if shades of dark fade faintly
in the background of falsehood
Oct 2020 · 86
expiration date
Sydney Rose Oct 2020
you tell me not to rush
time is slowly for perfection
but time is ticking too fast
& i have no other choice
but to fall in love with you
Oct 2020 · 159
pillow conversations
Sydney Rose Oct 2020
my pillow lays me to peace
to remind me of everything
i never had to be a possession

soft fantasies leave me at dawn
for it is time to return to reality

the sun rises to kiss my face
to grasp the sense of my fears

because what could should & would
are stored away within my pillow
constant daydream of false words
Jun 2020 · 121
securing silence
Sydney Rose Jun 2020
i think what hurts the most
is knowing i have the ability
to voice my expodable mind
but cannot because inability
to recieve desired expectations
Dec 2019 · 210
false romantic affairs
Sydney Rose Dec 2019
maybe the cliche saying we live by
is the one i am currently dying in

perhaps you are very wrong for me
while my precious timing is just right

but i am too naive to accept
our truly false romantic affairs
because i do not want to let go
and i believe i never will in life
Dec 2019 · 125
my reason
Sydney Rose Dec 2019
i believe poetry is one of the many
reasons i am still here living life

my blood and bones cannot rest
until i have the chance to present

every detail i need to pronounce
greatly to crowds of great masses
Dec 2019 · 124
free giveaway
Sydney Rose Dec 2019
i loved you
and you loved everyone but me
because so i will never gain
that love back again i gave
therefore i release my living for you
Nov 2019 · 122
want you need
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
want you need in life. love. lust.
will never compare to
what you deserve in life. love. lust.
Nov 2019 · 130
romantic nightmares
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
being with the person you deserve
will never compare or fulfill the heart of
being with the person you want
Nov 2019 · 134
people’s choice
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
i am getting restless
for those who have neglected my love
shame on them
i will not be there for your next call
Nov 2019 · 202
nighttime wishing
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
bring me a star
shooting through the sky
to dream for me a chance
to be me for me
instead of the girl for them
Nov 2019 · 101
me for me
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
i never wanted to be more dependent
on the reflection staring at me in the mirror


i understood that this would be the only
staring back at me with the tears falling
Nov 2019 · 109
never ending story
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
everyone has something to talk about
whether those who speak
are with you or not
they will always have their mouth
better must to make it a story
they can endlessly tell decades about
Nov 2019 · 105
silent storm
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
i never knew that silence can be rupted this loud
Oct 2019 · 100
teenage thoughts
Sydney Rose Oct 2019
i am stuck here praying in the perking dawn
that not only mine but those who are deprived
are granted their teenage what ifs on their mind

my prayers are sent endlessly through angels
that their nightmares are turnt to dreams
of realities containing fantasies of romance

tears of pain turnt to golden lust glitter shining
eyes awaken from the sleepless nights of sorrow
brightening suns of morning of new beginnings

to cast their eternities of teenage hopes
as i lay close to my future with doubts of lost
due to results of youth taking majority

prayers of wings sent to my hopeless romantics
because teenage thoughts are on the minds
Oct 2019 · 100
maybe one day john
Sydney Rose Oct 2019
maybe one day
we can pick up where we left

forget the heartbreak we both left
with scars from our pain healed
patching the past with our present

lead me your hand to kiss softly
just like the many times in the past
let one beginning spark an eternity

let me be the fault you knew
and forgive my mistakes of dawn

so that maybe one day
we can be that reality
you always dreamt of
Oct 2019 · 123
take me away
Sydney Rose Oct 2019
i never wanted to leave a person so greatly
as the one who had every part of me
beautifully immersed within their life

let me break free from this trapped living
Oct 2019 · 93
teenage stupidity
Sydney Rose Oct 2019
& now that you have broken me
i feel even more strung with stupidity
when i listen to your tasteful truths
rather than your tongue twisted lies
Oct 2019 · 500
no promise
Sydney Rose Oct 2019
promises mean nothing
when the person you love
breaks them so easily
Oct 2019 · 361
rain check
Sydney Rose Oct 2019
i always disliked
how you knew when to come back around
when my life was finally back in place
after each time you broke my heart
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