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Susan Foertsch Oct 2016
Didn't mean to make you cry girl
Didn't mean anything at all
Didn't mean to break your heart my dear
Should'a seen the writing on the wall
Once upon a time we were happy
and all seemed so assured
Now I'm sittin here by myself
Not sure what I learned
Those long warm days of summer
have givin way to the fall
Big dark clouds moving in
guess I'll get out of town
Susan Foertsch Oct 2016
If I give my heart to you
will you take my soul
I can read the stars for you
you're future can unfold
I will play you a melody
you can sing a song
I will share my secrets
if you do me no wrong
We can watch the sunrise
fly with the birds
We can go anywhere
on this turning earth
Then the band started playing
they were playing our song
and the people came from far and wide
just to cheer us on
We sang la la la la la la la.
Susan Foertsch Sep 2016
My thoughts are no longer of love and happiness.
My thoughts are of survival and not knowing what I'm surviving.
My brain is disturbing me.
My brain ought to be disturbed.
Our behaviour is frightening.
Our behaviour is all telling.
Susan Foertsch Sep 2016
poems today sound corny or pretentious
what is a poem without cadence or rhyme
i find rhythmic lines completely infectious
i know I'm a little behind in the times
Susan Foertsch Sep 2016
Old souls suffer the new age.
Susan Foertsch Sep 2016
I see black trees and vines
Tiny pictures of light poke through
The light is grey with a pinkish tinge
A breeze moves through and touches the wind chimes
My mind is calm.
  May 2016 Susan Foertsch
Waters pour
From clouds on high
Restoring life
To a world so dry

I long to be reborn
Like the grass and grain
So I kick off my shoes
To dance with the rain
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