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685 · Oct 2014
alarm clock
pluie d'été Oct 2014
i will wake you up
at three
if you ask me

and i will listen to the words
tumbling from your sleepy
and fall for the way
you laugh
at your own jokes
the way i already do

i will say your name
if i hear
you drifting away
and you will affirm
your consciousness
in your sleep
until your dreams
end again
675 · Apr 2014
pluie d'été Apr 2014
he watched her
trying to say the three words
that belonged to him
but she couldn't
653 · Apr 2014
every time
pluie d'été Apr 2014
please don't
press me
to your chest again
my cheek
get's a stain
that leaks into my heart
and makes me miss you
a little bit more
every time
647 · Nov 2014
pluie d'été Nov 2014
There was once a girl
Who loved the rain
And a boy
Who loved the sun

They met one day
In the drunken moonlight
Fireflies fell from the trees
Burning out before dawn

His hands were warm
And her's were cold

They breathed in unison
Their eyes flickering
Against the sinking sky

"You make my heart race."
He said.
"You make my heart slow."
She whispered.

The sunlight stabbed the night
And the moon fell
Out of sight
Pulling down
A thousand clouds

"Kiss me,"
He demanded.
And she did.
639 · Apr 2014
pluie d'été Apr 2014
I am running out of excuses
Of why I want to be alone
pluie d'été Apr 2014
you took me to one of your favourite places
kissed my hand better
underneath the stars
and told me
how our friendship
was like the Earth's orbit
around the Sun

we keep coming closer
and then drifting away
623 · Jan 2017
pluie d'été Jan 2017
he blew a kiss to me
across the garden
I thought that I felt it land on my cheek
but it must have landed on
the sunset instead

The stars were beautiful that night
593 · Jan 2014
pluie d'été Jan 2014
drifting away
their shadows
leaving echoes
on our skin

by the rain
stolen by the sun
the cool breeze
caresses your cheek
an apology
from the sea

behind closed eyelids
I feel my heart
your heart
588 · Sep 2015
pluie d'été Sep 2015
You are wind
And the colour grey
You are a composition played on a piano

A cloud
A drop of rain
A torrent
A ray of sunshine
Your shadow

You are the azure sky
A millimetre of the ocean.

You are thunder and lightning
Racing in your effort to catch light with sound
And sound with light
When the echo drags out too long

You are winter
And you are spring

Nothing and everything
A contrast
And a similarity
You are the opposite of me
But the same as me

Hold the stars
Against my lips
Whisper how everything is ending
How everything is an infinity

Touch me
With your warm hands
Make me shiver
From the cold

You are a symphony
And you are silence

We are infinite
We are saying good bye
585 · Feb 2014
Still Yours Forever
pluie d'été Feb 2014
I stumbled upon the shadow
Of your last words
They were black
And free

I watched them flutter
In the space of sky
That was once above you
Now beside you
Like the butterflies
You would catch
In a jar

The words
The last ones
To leave your lips
Were haunted
By the clear cage
They were about to enter
They were as loud as a scream
And as quiet as silence

I watched them
Heard them
Kissed them
In my calloused palms
And wished
I was still yours
583 · Jul 2015
pluie d'été Jul 2015
we will all stop writing poetry
because everything we write
becomes true
and our pens don't stop bleeding
577 · Sep 2014
pluie d'été Sep 2014
your song
saved me

just after

thank you
for not losing me

thank you
for not letting me
lose myself
577 · Apr 2014
pluie d'été Apr 2014
i keep finding myself
wanting to be drowning in your eyes
and then i remember
that i have forgotten
the sound of your voice

why was it
so much easier
to memorize your smile
577 · Apr 2014
The Girl With Scarlet Lips
pluie d'été Apr 2014
she smears
no. 1
over her scarlet lips
her fingers
on the tears
of her fishnet stockings

kicking off
her high heels-
the ones the butcher
used to wear
when dealing with blood-
replacing them
with the feel
of the Earth
against her sole

hair lowered
removing the stain
of want
from her eyes
and filling
the windows of her soul
like the unspent tears
the girl with the scarlet lips
would never weep
568 · Aug 2014
pluie d'été Aug 2014
we're so determined
about everything
that we forget
to remember
that gravity
is still
holding us down
561 · Aug 2015
pluie d'été Aug 2015
She woke up
Not in the morning
Not in the middle of the night

She woke up
Not with a fright
And not in tears

She woke up
Not with him
Not alone

She woke up
To silence
And sound

Hum a song for her
Against her neck
Feel her pulse

Catch her ribs
Against yours
Trace them
Until they stay

Don’t let the sounds
Slipping through the lips
You kiss
So hungrily
Starving and
Get away

They are not
A part of your dream
Cover her eyes
Before she moves
Don’t let her
Let the light in
544 · Mar 2014
pluie d'été Mar 2014
tired eyes

a train
rattling the window panes
he swears
the vibration
makes the cracks
get wider

a drag
of greyness
taking life
out of his lungs

an empty page
the key of his type writer
held down
all at once

what's wrong with the sky
when it's blue

the joint
a bird's call
making him miss
his cat

he longs for turmoil
he longs for piece
he gets neither
541 · Apr 2014
pluie d'été Apr 2014
warm fingers
the constellations
across my skin

hangs in the space
between us

i stop
the words
from falling
while you stop
your hands
from pinning
my wrists above me
531 · Jul 2014
kiss me
pluie d'été Jul 2014
you fold my heart
in your palm
like the paper
you press
to your lips

you make the words
you whisper
into the curve of my neck
become butterflies
across my skin

and you draw
with your eyes

kiss me

i've seen the way
you tear
when you're done
529 · Jul 2014
pluie d'été Jul 2014
the pale moths
silver and egg-shell blue
fall lilac
across the dusty
wooden floors
in the abandoned buildings
7th avenue

they all fall
every night
just before
the scattered pages
that drift across
the room
like sail boats
in summer
on the waves
of the spring breeze

their eyes
the ones that long for the sun
but are open
at the wrong hour
always see
the black swirls
that run into each other

just before
their wings
stop to fly

and their souls
in the heart of the crickets
hiding in the lawn
ignited by the fireflies

they just want to know
what those letters mean
523 · Sep 2014
pluie d'été Sep 2014
how funny
he said

inhaling in
the lights
against the night
with the grey

his forefinger
and thumb

i told her
that i loved her

and she believed me
507 · Nov 2014
pluie d'été Nov 2014
Sometimes I hold my hands
Out of my bedroom window
To feel the rain
Dance across my skin

Its music
Is the wind
And it moves me
Like the most beautiful
507 · Jul 2014
pluie d'été Jul 2014
i lie still
in the morning
and watch the sunrise
creep up
my wall
to the white
of my ceiling

bathed in grey light
by unfallen rain

i wish the rays
of sun
were your eyes
over me
505 · Jul 2014
the opposite of loneliness
pluie d'été Jul 2014
what is
the opposite
of loneliness?

i am alone
on the top
of a hill
in the spring

i have fallen back
from my friends
my toes
in sands of time
with the tide

i am in a room
full of intelligent
funny people
whose pitch
matches my own

i'm lying
on the dew laden grass
of my garden
and staring at the sky
with his fingers
my own
to the spinning

what is the opposite
of loneliness?

maybe no one has felt it
and that is why
no one can tell
505 · Jan 2014
pluie d'été Jan 2014
the butterfly
had wings of glass
it tries to fly
the cage
created by me

my palms
and careless interlocking

the wings
turn scarlet
504 · Jun 2014
a hint of you
pluie d'été Jun 2014
you're a hint
of the sun
a hint
of a shadow
and a hint
of rain

and it's enough
if it's a hint
and it's not
if it isn't
501 · Feb 2014
pluie d'été Feb 2014
he captures
my chin
in his hand
at my betrayel

his eyes search for a lie
to keep his heart
making me look away

I have read
too many books
to believe in love
I have read
too many books
to not
500 · Jun 2014
pluie d'été Jun 2014
my body
to disappoint you
498 · Feb 2014
"I'm Not Going To Kiss You"
pluie d'été Feb 2014
i'm not going to kiss you
he said

i see it in his eyes

and his shadow
falls over me
when he leans forward
my head captured in his hands
his lips
meeting mine
496 · Feb 2014
He's Not You
pluie d'été Feb 2014
he thinks that i have found you
when my eyes meet his

he thinks i have fallen in love with you
when i tell him
i'm falling

he thinks he meets your eyes
when he looks at himself
in the mirror
looking over his shoulder at me
pretending to be sleeping

he thinks i hold your hand
when i am holding his
and that you kiss it
in the moment he presses his lips
to my skin

how do i tell him
that he isn't you
the one with ink staining his fingertips
holding me
his books
underlined paragraphs
falling apart
on my lap

how do i tell him
that the butterflies i have
when i see him
are for him
but not for you

how do i tell him
that his love
is not mine
and the heart
he thinks
i hold
is the one i slipped back into his chest
while he was sleeping..
496 · Apr 2014
Wear Me Like A Sweater
pluie d'été Apr 2014
wear me
like a sweater
close to your heart

i want to hear
its falling echo
and feel the coolness
from your skin
feel your fingers
curling at the sleeves
when it rains

wear me
like a sweater
so i can hear
the rush of your pulse
in my ear
496 · Jul 2014
pluie d'été Jul 2014
A whirlwind
Knock me off
My fragile feet
Sweep me away
From society
I don’t read
My god
To be saved
493 · Mar 2014
your voice
pluie d'été Mar 2014
Your voice
Is like the wind
Around me

You remind me of summer
And monsoons
And everything else that makes me
492 · Oct 2014
pluie d'été Oct 2014
you have come to sweep me away
with your flowers
and the sky

pass quickly
over me
my love
like the wind
that keeps slipping through
his fingers
474 · Apr 2014
pluie d'été Apr 2014
she's a terrible
writing letters
to put in long
brown paper envelopes
to say goodbye
469 · Mar 2014
I Disagree With My Soul
pluie d'été Mar 2014
I am a contradiction
But I am not

I am shadowed
By a cloud of mystery
My intentions
Are as clear as glass

My soul
Is captured and dark
My soul
Is pale and free

I believe in the things
That don't make sense
I don't believe in the things
That do

I find my heart
A tide of feelings
And then empty
At the next heart beat

I believe in love
And being ruined by its power
I doubt its existence
And demand happiness and freedom
In its stead

I want all the words
Rhyming with reason
The meanings
Echoed in my favourite words
Defy logic

I savour
The feeling of a shattered heart
Held against a stilling chest
The knowledge it brings
I demand
With avid recklessness
The happiness I remember
It comes
Longing for the knowledge
Of my tear's absence

I am broken
I am not
I disagree with my soul
469 · May 2014
Blue Eyes
pluie d'été May 2014
Your eyes
Are blue
And I love
Brown eyes
More than blue eyes
But your's
The most
468 · Aug 2015
pluie d'été Aug 2015
calm down
his hands slip over my lips
the tips of his fingers
trace my jaw

close your eyes
open them

i do

his hand moves down
i feel your bones
your skin feels
like air

why are you so cold?
468 · Apr 2014
pluie d'été Apr 2014
he asked me
if i missed you
and i couldn't
get the words to form
on my lips
466 · Nov 2014
pluie d'été Nov 2014
it's rain, it's snow

you swear that the sunlight
is as cold
as the wind

as loud
as the fiercest thunderstorm

and as still
as the mirror
held up against the blue
blue sky

but it's not
and you still lied
when you said it wasn't
always warm
463 · Jul 2014
i don't want a dozen poems
pluie d'été Jul 2014
i don't know
if i should keep writing
about you

i don't want
blue poems
and yellow poems

to being with you

or white poems
and grey poems

falling for you
and recording
every arguement

and i don't want to write
a red poem
or a black poem

for when i fall
in love
and when you
my heart

i don't want
a dozen poems

the only poem i want

is you
459 · Aug 2014
i am waiting for you
pluie d'été Aug 2014
i am waiting for you
and the cracks
between your fingers

at night
when i fall asleep
and dream
about anyone
but you

i feel your absence
and i feel my mind
moving to the space
you hold
over and over

i am waiting
for you
456 · Jan 2015
pluie d'été Jan 2015
"Are you tired of me?"

the train passes, and the windows rattle against their frames
the silence it leaves is deafening

she doesn't know if he heard her question or not
he turns the page of the newspaper without looking up
his hair still damp from the shower he took and the white sunlight
warms the accents of his skin


his phone rings beside him, and he holds up a finger


he gets up, slides the patio door shut behind him

the sweater he is wearing is the same colour
of the sky the day
they had their first kiss

it is juxtaposed
against the grey clouds

she moves from the door way
puts the kettle on

her hands tremble as she rests them
on the cold counter

the counter is holding her up

she can hear his voice
she misses it
she can hear it
she still misses it

the door slides
and squeaks
he promised to fix it
a week ago

she keeps her back to him
reaches for the tea ***
the loose leaves

she hears him sit down

she stops

the newspaper rustles

she closes her eyes

the clock ticks

her heart beats

he coughs

her heart stops

the kettle whistles on the stove
she waits

he gets up
and turns off the gas

"Weren't you going to get that?"

she moves away
the  sliding door open and closes
complains once

the air is icy against her skin

she looks behind her

he is sitting down
450 · Jun 2014
let's go home
pluie d'été Jun 2014
she watches the boy
with green eyes
nursing his drink
meeting peace
when he looks up

a cigarette smoldering
between his *******
and the one he uses
when he wants to say
he's okay

he slurs

and you're not sure
and he's not sure
if he's talking to his reflection
in the mirror
behind you
or if he's
trying to reach an empty
grey sky

pour him
some more
burning gold
steady his hand
when he raises
the glass
with the imprint
of his silent lips
and smile
expecting him to give you one

he says again
i'm ******

and you deduce
that he must
be talking to the sky
beyond this ceiling
weighed down
with mood lighting
capturing the shadows
of lovers
becoming friends
and friends becoming lovers

aren't we all?

he smiles
he's given in
to the ignorance
he supposes
you have

let's go home.

in his weighted touch
at the small of your back
like the glass
that falls
from his hand
450 · May 2014
pluie d'été May 2014
i keep the words
you whispered to me
in a dusty box
under my bed

i take them out
and they fly across the room
making me
making me
that i could forgive you
441 · May 2014
pluie d'été May 2014
you kiss my neck
like you own me
and then
i see the sun
glint off
the curls in your hair
making a halo
and a lie
before the darkness
comes seeping
the lonely
blue expanse
of the sky
441 · Apr 2014
bring me nearer
pluie d'été Apr 2014
your fingerprints
stain my jaw

watch me stumble
and fall
my words
and still

i can't make myself
the things i want to

take me back
twirl my waist
in your hands
watch my eyes

become hypnotized
by the curve
of my smile
and wrap your hands
in my hair
as you bring me
438 · Mar 2014
pluie d'été Mar 2014
isn't it strange
how the heroine is blamed for her beauty
when she does not notice the jester

were it not for her beauty
he would
have not noticed her
436 · Oct 2014
pluie d'été Oct 2014
it took me
three years
to let him go

and almost four
for him

and now there's you
and your eyes
and voice
and the butterflies
you brought for me

and i swear
you must have
made them fall in love with you
and then fed them
to me
while i was asleep

because they don't stop
trying to get to you
435 · Nov 2014
pluie d'été Nov 2014
You keep swearing
That the world is false

But if you are honest
And so am I
How can it
All be a lie?
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