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  Feb 2015 Sakii
Gwen Pimentel
And I am
so sorry
For loving you
as much as I did
It's just that
You were the only constant
In my ever-changing life
And no matter how hard
I pushed you away,
For some reason,
You were still there
Sakii Feb 2015
"Its just a room."
She scribbles her secrets on the walls  
And piles up her whinings on the floor

"Its off limits."
But somehow he always finds a way in
Every **** time

"Nothing much to see here."
But he doesn't leave
No matter how boringly stuffed it gets

"Its not even real."
But with the two of them in there
It feels more real than reality itself.
Notes (optional)
Sakii Jan 2015
I just realized
    that all I write about is you.
Sakii Jan 2015
But all that comes out is a snippet of verse.
Sakii Jan 2015
I'll be there
As the hours drift away
Cherishing the time we spent together
Forever and always

And I’ll care
Ceasing eternity every second
Whispering your name in my prayers
Forever and always

I’ll believe
Even through the dead days
That there is a part of me
That’s going to be in love with you
Forever and always.

Posting after a long time. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
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