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We live in a world where
people lie over petty things,
people don't help unless they get something out of it, steal, cheat, immaturity is off the wall with this young generation and what's the most disheartening thing of all is no one gives a ****.
But I do.
Let's get high
why not said the dark angel
Don't cry just fill it with this.
Ignore it.
**** it.
Just do it.
Let's go home.
I'm lost.
Where's did the love in this world go?
I'm in pain
I'll just smile
Nod my head say "yeah its been a while"
"It's in gods hands" says the old man.
Why isn't god carrying me?
Let's share a needle
It's a secret that I got hep C.
Let's ****.
What's love? When you got to get another hit.
You lost me at hello
but I'll stare until you say goodbye.
My mind runs
Ive been awake for days.
I'll stay in bed for hours.
I'll miss you,
even though I shouldn't.
you know who you are.
Yeah I said it and I'll say it again
Sometimes when I dream
I wish I could live there
and never leave
reality bites.
Sometimes I wish I was as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
You fit in my palm
your so meek.
Its sad I could crush you
without even trying.
Your suppose to be strong.
Your suppose to be a listener.
Your suppose to be a fighter.
But most importantly your suppose to be there for me.
Where are you?
Where have you gone?
Are you in that deep dark hole once again?
Are you struggling?
Will you come back this time?
I have my doubts.
This women thats taken over your body
is not you.
You are not my mother.
You've become my enemy.
I miss the old days.
Me and you against the world.
Just incase people dont know
God dont pick favorites.
You just got more luck obviously than the man you sit next to.
Lay off the cookies and cupcakes tay-tay.
When I look in the mirror
I dont see me
I see her.
The me I loved is gone and she is here
to stay.

— The End —