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Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I died today all alone
I died today and no one cared
I died today everyone went on with their lives
I died today no one even noticed
I died today and everyone seems a little bit happier
I died today there's no heaven or hell
I died today and I'm just as alone as I was in life
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
Why do I always feel betrayal by those I choose to love. Why must everyone lie to me. Why can I roll my car the way I did and survive. I want to ******* die. Am I already dead and in hell, is this my hell to keep trying n then fail time after time. Well **** that. I'm done trying. I give up. I'm just going to exist. I'd stop existing  except I fail at that every time I've tried.
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I got in a car accident and my car rolled like 10 times. I only got a scraped knee n a few bruises. People say I'm lucky; I feel like I'd have been lucky if I'd have died. I don't want to exist
Stacy Mills Feb 2021
When everything You touch seems to go to ****;
Stacy Mills Jan 2021
Let start this all off real
Let be honest with how we feel
I can sit in a room with you for days
It seams we are connected in so many ways
I don't feel awkward or out of place
I just know I want you always within my space
It seams we fit together even with all our jagged parts
You are after all, my jack of hearts.
Stacy Mills Nov 2020
I am allergic to the feels, they make my eyeballs leak
Stacy Mills Aug 2020
Slowly rotting
Slowly dieing
The signs are there
No one looks
No one cares
I reach out
Get pushed away
Hold my mask
I'll die one day
No tears will be shed
No sorrow to be found
When I'm finally
6 feet under ground
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