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Janine Tan May 2017
We are indefinitely saying good bye
With words of I love you and tears of I miss you
I thought love can conquer all.
Janine Tan Mar 2017
I met her at the edge of my day one
She is a combination of a flower and a pearl
An ubiquitous rose every fourteenth of February
And a gem enthralling everyone’s attention

At least that’s what I thought

Her once luminous radiance is now covered with grime
Slowly. . . trying to shine for others but still losing the light
she became a reflection of sunshine in eyes full of fears
A drop of her tears could drown you in a whirlwind of sorrow

I told her she’s as bright as the sun in summer
She said, only if winter can stay with summer
I said, stopped with the nonsense in your head
She responded, How can I when I’m dead as the
Memories of Titanic’s fame?

She was once a combination of a flower and a pearl.
Now, a wilt rose left dancing on a spider’s web
A pearl buried in treasure box dealing with
Life’s conundrum of grief and warmth
Of death and birth.
To my friend who undergoes depression. I hope you see how enough you are.
Janine Tan Mar 2017
I crave for you
When its one in the morning
All I hear is the kinesis of
My heart, thumping heavier
Than the screams of
Our Forbidden Love
Janine Tan Feb 2017
I know its a cliche to say how time flies when I'm with you
But I'll say it anyway
Two hours and thirty minutes
isn't enough talking with you

I know its a cliche to say I only see you
but I'll say it anyway
Men may try to flirt me but I'll say
No all the way

I know its a cliche to say your voice sounds like music to my ear
but I'll say it anyway
I can listen to you all day- no,
make it all night
and I swear, your laugh is the sweetest thing in the world

I know its cliche to say my heart skips a beat when I see you
But I'll say it any way
Why do you think I sleep so late honey?

I know its a cliche to say I'm having butterflies in my stomach
but I'll say it anyway
You flatter me like I'm Angelina Jolie
Or Megan Fox
As funny as it sounds, trust me when I say
I believe you

I know its a cliche to say only fools rush in
But I'll say it anyway
I think I like you Mister.
another poem! Yay!
Janine Tan Feb 2017
He came like the rain.
And I’ve always been fascinated with rains.

At first he was a dew, he smelled good and it felt good.

Then without knowing he became drizzle and I enjoyed him. Sometimes He makes me feel light, sometimes he makes me greedy.
Every drop of this precious drizzle
makes my heart yearn for more, pound for more.

And to my request, He became the rain.
There was no restriction now.
No limit, just pure fun.

I love the rain. But he was not the rain.
He was him.A body with soul.
He made me laugh and hope.
He made me naked grow weary
More of him and I drowned.

I thought I was in love with the drops of his kisses
I thought I was in love with the floods of his affection
The comfort he brings
when I’m on the edge of the sweltering heat of depression.
I thought I was in it for the rain.

I was delusional.
I was conquered by my loneliness,
my impiousness
and suddenly
You became a storm.
I guess its time to say good bye?
  Aug 2016 Janine Tan
Joanna Oz
there is a universe inside your chest
infinitely expanding
though infinitesimally slow
at times
boundaries stretch, breathe
though confusing at times
destruction feeds growth,
dichotomous paradox forms whole,
stars implode, give way to supernovas,
give way to planets filled with lava and snow
there, inside, a universe
constantly churning,
the incessant spin of all burning
that births light and shadow

here I stand on the precipice.
here, in an amorphous dusk and dawn,
unclear if day or night
is about to kiss the horizon
unsure if I should call to moon or sun
or neither,
or    you.
here in limbo, arching my spine to
sneak under the guardrail of loving
here, instinctually shoving myself
into bottlenecks and genie lamps
oh, how my gypsy soul wants to run,
yet feels so enchanted it stays, here
on the precipice,
itching to gain entrance
into the universe brimming
inside of you

there, inside your chest
there I said it.     and I'll say it again,
and I'll say it even louder:
I confess! I'm enchanted!
I'm enamored, enthralled, enraptured,
I want my heart
to know your heart,
I want to dive chest-first into your outer space galaxy nest
an astronaut without a helmet,
I want to explore, awestruck
never trying to label, box, or understand - simply experience
your universe

there, I finally said it
I'm finally starting
to write the poems I'm afraid of,
the ones I don't want to say out loud
I'm starting to write out shadows and solar flares and floods,
starting to let my heart bleed out of my pen, cause
what the hell am I hiding from?
what are we all so scared of?
we were ****** into this strange world
blind and wet,
groping in the darkness for heaven
meant to rip ourselves open again, again
meant to feel with the depth and tempest of oceans
meant to risk and be fools and fall to meet rose-hued ends

I just want to make love with the light
of a thousand candles, a million stars, and the moon turned on
and panting
silver dripping from her tongue,
dizzy with the heat of solar undulations,
stripping down to the heart of the matter
down to the simple truth of it all:
I was born to feel,
and my god, you...
you make me feel universes
you make me feel thunder and lightning and bedroom churches and power surges
you make me feel sunrise stillness
and it makes me fall silent.
so here I am, writing the poems I'm afraid of
and sending them out, messages
in bottles, adrift
in the endless oceans of your universe
  Aug 2015 Janine Tan
i s a b e l l a
You either feel
like you're going to die
you feel like
you're already dead.
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