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Joanna Oz Sep 2016
palms sifting over
the slick curves
of your timepiece,
infinite kickbeat
tipped the hourglass twice,
time slides down you
away from me,
sandy monument dissolving
into memory,
hazy beach heat wavers between
all twenty fingers searching
feathering up swans from skin,
bare-lipped unzipping
wanders from ear
to chin,
to whispering grins on thighs
grinding stone to sighs,
silently rising
sharp rush
of breath
release, just stay
meaning, meet me in the middle
reach the runny yolk of it all, spilling silk, rushing out all over you
all over me.

we hum into each other -
Joanna Oz Aug 2016
Act I: get triggered by smell

Act II: gaslight yourself

Act III: guide your demons back to hell
Joanna Oz Aug 2016
tw: ****** assault

all the angels from my
childhoodteenagecollege days
burnt their wings off to **** the sun
Joanna Oz Aug 2016
you feel like 4am dancing with the lights off
you feel like 5am writing music to the sunrise
you feel like the day the cough
finally goes away
you feel like clear eyes and coffee beans and hey, you feel like
the center of a vacuum
you feel like a blind man molding clay
figures of his dreams
the dreams that you feel like,
the awful ones, the awestruck ones,
the ones that make me feel like you are feeling something about me
feeling that you feel like everything is chaos and perfect harmonic thirds
you feel like peace on this war hungry earth
you feel like candlelight
you feel quiet like spring nights
silence about to hiccup into song
and I feel it coming, so I songbird to you
and it feels like you wanna sing-along
owl hoots and raven calls
two birds dancing in the hall at 4 am
feels like anything could happen
Joanna Oz Aug 2016
there is a universe inside your chest
infinitely expanding
though infinitesimally slow
at times
boundaries stretch, breathe
though confusing at times
destruction feeds growth,
dichotomous paradox forms whole,
stars implode, give way to supernovas,
give way to planets filled with lava and snow
there, inside, a universe
constantly churning,
the incessant spin of all burning
that births light and shadow

here I stand on the precipice.
here, in an amorphous dusk and dawn,
unclear if day or night
is about to kiss the horizon
unsure if I should call to moon or sun
or neither,
or    you.
here in limbo, arching my spine to
sneak under the guardrail of loving
here, instinctually shoving myself
into bottlenecks and genie lamps
oh, how my gypsy soul wants to run,
yet feels so enchanted it stays, here
on the precipice,
itching to gain entrance
into the universe brimming
inside of you

there, inside your chest
there I said it.     and I'll say it again,
and I'll say it even louder:
I confess! I'm enchanted!
I'm enamored, enthralled, enraptured,
I want my heart
to know your heart,
I want to dive chest-first into your outer space galaxy nest
an astronaut without a helmet,
I want to explore, awestruck
never trying to label, box, or understand - simply experience
your universe

there, I finally said it
I'm finally starting
to write the poems I'm afraid of,
the ones I don't want to say out loud
I'm starting to write out shadows and solar flares and floods,
starting to let my heart bleed out of my pen, cause
what the hell am I hiding from?
what are we all so scared of?
we were ****** into this strange world
blind and wet,
groping in the darkness for heaven
meant to rip ourselves open again, again
meant to feel with the depth and tempest of oceans
meant to risk and be fools and fall to meet rose-hued ends

I just want to make love with the light
of a thousand candles, a million stars, and the moon turned on
and panting
silver dripping from her tongue,
dizzy with the heat of solar undulations,
stripping down to the heart of the matter
down to the simple truth of it all:
I was born to feel,
and my god, you...
you make me feel universes
you make me feel thunder and lightning and bedroom churches and power surges
you make me feel sunrise stillness
and it makes me fall silent.
so here I am, writing the poems I'm afraid of
and sending them out, messages
in bottles, adrift
in the endless oceans of your universe
Joanna Oz Aug 2016
I will map the constellations of your sun-born freckles,
obsidian cinnamon blooming on forearms,
trace the reflection of starry foremothers onto skin
as a remembrance of origin.
And when we are light years apart,
I will draw your ancient imprint in the sand and lay amongst your roots,
soaking spirit into my heart.
Joanna Oz Aug 2016
my nostrils spit fire
sandpapered passageway from boiling lungs
cracked and ragged,
bursting rivers to dust bowls
try to keep breathing, dragon woman.

so naive, how I believed collecting miles upon miles of rusted road signs and concrete structures
would wash your face from my mind
as if I had not already seared your eyes
into the sky of my daydreams
even now, you stare into me

I gnaw bloodstained lips,
scratch fevered fingertips on tweaking knees
and you,
you are rabidly foaming in my memory

how does an addict quit cold turkey
and not remit?
I ***** your name to strangers any chance I get
just to feel it
crawl out my mouth and tumble through my ears
back into the creases of my mind
pupils ****** open, I can hallucinate your breathing in my lungs
bartering oxygen for ghostly touch

werewolf mistress
haggard howling at a new moon
leave me to commune with absence,
to laugh in the face of doom
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