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Apr 15 · 228
Old Age
Sjr1000 Apr 15
Old age
It comes on like a
Ice Storm
A natural disaster.

Down on your knees
there Buddy

When I was 12 years old
One Round World
A photo
Elderly folks standing around a Piano
"And they used to call it rocknroll"

Way way far away
here we are now
encased in
memories and mortality.
Nov 2021 · 1.2k
Love at first sight
Sjr1000 Nov 2021
The first time I saw your face
It was the most beautiful flower
I had ever seen
A mandala of perfection.
Bringing me
Absolute peace
How could I not
But love you.
Oct 2021 · 170
The Dead Man's Suit
Sjr1000 Oct 2021
Hangs on a hanger at Good Will
Among many others
Whose time has past
Out of fashion out of time
But their scent remains alive
The pheromones of their lives
The dopamine
The cortisol
The chemistry of our experience
The pleasures the stress their pains
remain & linger in the scents
A lifetime come & gone
Doesn't get much notice
We mostly pass it by
Though you may feel it in the air
from time to time emanating from
The dead man's suit on a hanger at Good Will.
Aug 2021 · 427
Sjr1000 Aug 2021
My trees have personalities
I know I must be going
a little crazy.

The dog wood howls at the moon

The Waxmertyl craves the river

The Monterey Pine flourishes
It'll know me when I die.

The Cybress is a youngin
Not quite sure

Under the plum tree many times I've cried
for all of the innocence inside.

The Elder Berry has an identity crisis
Doesn't know if it's a bush
Or a tree.

I'm not saying their trying to talk to me
And I'm not saying I'm trying to talk to them
I'm just saying
We're all here
Just trying to be.
Jun 2021 · 221
One More Time
Sjr1000 Jun 2021
Momma Momma
Don't let me down
I'm on a road to nowhere
But I'll be back around

Tell your friends
Tell your sister
Your hooked up again with another twister

Momma momma don't let me down
I'm trying so hard
My feet never touch the ground

I'll meet you over at Elk Head
Where the ocean meets the rocks
We'll just watch
The shooting water's
fire works

One on one.
May 2021 · 197
Sjr1000 May 2021
Hoping that something
Will come your way
Awaken you to the joy
of living.
May 2021 · 722
Sleep tight little one
Sjr1000 May 2021
I'll sing you a rainbow song
I'll sing you a lullaby
I'll tell you why
Just close your eyes
And fly.
Apr 2021 · 1.2k
Forgiveness 101
Sjr1000 Apr 2021
I forgive you for everything you've ever done.
I forgive you for everything you might do.

Forgiveness gives me peace

The easiest hardest thing
I ever
have to do.
Mar 2021 · 1.4k
Cold Front
Sjr1000 Mar 2021
You crawled into my sheets
To warm me up
When you left
Mar 2021 · 285
The Delight of Lightness
Sjr1000 Mar 2021
Come to me now
I will just hold you
I won't say a word
Except to remind you
You're not alone.

The curtain to your past has been lifted
Your storage unit cleared out

In a dream you kissed
Your corpse goodbye
And left her there in peace

In the end your parents were there
filled the van
With contractor bags
The past on the road to the dump.

"We've got it" they said
"You've done your work
Rocky times no doubt
But now you can cruise on through."

Melancholy Unburdened
The delight of lightness
Beginning anew.
Feb 2021 · 631
Valentine's Day
Sjr1000 Feb 2021
The rain is falling
The tops of the trees are swaying
My love is singing
The fire is crackling
The popcorn is popping
A perfect day in every way
All I really want to say
If I could freeze time,
Here is where I would stay.
Feb 2021 · 146
The Self Pity Rag
Sjr1000 Feb 2021
Misery misery misery
Longing longing longing
Regrets regrets regrets
Doin' the self pity rag

Dragging through the mud
Mired in the dregs
Taking selfies in the mirror
in the bathroom

Raising my arms
Doin' the self pity rag.

Complaining complaining complaining
Why can't reality be
The way I want it to be

Spinning spinning spinning
Doin' the self pity rag

A dust devil
A tumble ****
Blowing down a desert highway
Looking at the ground
No water no sanctuary around
Bowing down
One more time
Doin' the self pity rag.
Jan 2021 · 284
Mortality's Lament
Sjr1000 Jan 2021
Coming to the end
Not much else to be done
or said
Except for
Integrity or despair

Always tried
to be the voice in the darkness
Holding a flashlight
This way.

Sometimes leading to an entrance
Sometimes leading to an exit
Sometimes leading to
No where at all
Dec 2020 · 123
The Listening
Sjr1000 Dec 2020
Tonight in the dark the trees
Are talking to me
The leaves chattering in the imperceptible breeze

Their telling me
But I don't understand

The starlings like a river flew from one tree to another

Their telling me
But I am in awe of their choreography

The redwoods a thousand years old

Their telling me
But speaking from under the soil

The ocean never silent

It's telling me
There is no mercy

The stars endless

Their telling me
I'm here now

This life it's a breath

It's telling me.
And that I understand.
Dec 2020 · 112
True Love
Sjr1000 Dec 2020
I know I love you
But I can't say why
I know I love you
But I can't say how
I know I love you
But I can't say when

I know I love you
We keep doing another day
again and again.
Nov 2020 · 91
2020/ The Lost Year
Sjr1000 Nov 2020
I was awakened through out the night
It wasn't anxiety
It wasn't nausea
It was waves of horror

The pandemic
The fires and the apocalyptic skies
The hurricanes
One after another
The Donald Trumps for which
There is no medication
For the cultures that go psychotic.

Sleep waves of horror
Wake up.
Nov 2020 · 132
Have You Seen My Beloved
Sjr1000 Nov 2020
Have you seen my beloved?
I have been looking for her everywhere

The first time I saw her face
It was the most beautiful flower
I have ever seen
A mandala of perfection
Bringing me absolute peace
How could I not
But love her

She once brought me
Alders swaying screeching in the winds
salmon running
skies Hale Bop eclipse Tahoe clear
She brought me beauty to the sunrise in the sky
Have you seen my beloved?

She always has been the same
Though she's known to be extreme
Shaking the earth I walk on
Sending rising tides
Stilling the wind in the center of a cyclone

She always knew what it meant to dance
Sings every song
The music of the full moon
She once believed life would find a way.
Have you seen my beloved and
Do you know where she is bound?

Her breath has become firey hot and dry
Her tears shed microplastics
Her paths are white with toxic snows
Where is my beloved and what does she feel or know?

She once loved me dearly
Nourished my way
Until the winds began to change
Have you seen my beloved?
And do you know
When she'll return?
Sep 2020 · 149
Decisions 101
Sjr1000 Sep 2020
Love it
Leave it
Fix it
Be miserable

Which contentment
Which misery do you prefer?


Honor commitment
Cut your losses




I guess that's the way
It goes.
Sep 2020 · 105
Fire is life
Sjr1000 Sep 2020
Fire has all the attributes of life
It reproduces, it feeds, it evacuates
It struggles to survive.

Fire is life
The sun
The stars
Are alive.

They are born
They live
They die

Is consciousness an aberration?

Are the sun and the stars fully conscious
What are they thinking about?

Black holes
The great extinguisher
Guess they must be death
Get ****** in
Lights out.

The sun is red
The wild fires are Screaming & Howling
Filled with vitality and power

I hear the wood stove singing
On a frozen winter morning
while mother madrone
nurtures her young.
Aug 2020 · 119
Sjr1000 Aug 2020
We are invincible
Until we're not
We are immortal until we are forgotten
Discomfort joys
Uphill walks all pass.

Time is a wind
Blowing fast and slow
Time is a wind
Blowing slow and fast

Moments of peace and contentment
is all we can ask.

Truth may be beauty
Beauty may be truth

The present is forever the past.

That's all we know
Maybe that's all we need to know.
Jul 2020 · 298
The lost year
Sjr1000 Jul 2020
Missing the drive to Truckee,
Graegeagle/ Almanor fantasies
Missing the front deck
Bears & squirrels
Jim and Marylee
So happy

Missing Jim & Marylee

Packing up the old VW
Take you anywhere

Missing Eric & Anne
Missing Eric & ?
Katie Doug and Cheyene
James & Amanda
Sarah & Hannah
Emily too
Frank and Susan
What are we going to do?

No fish to be caught
They rarely were,
No smokes in the morning with the lake out there

Missing the view of the lake

Being out on the water

The music always playing
Missing the dogs in the water
The colors of the afternoon
Changing into the night clothes
While the camp fire begins to go
And later, 1950's radio shows
After several days the mind begins to change
Panoramas and vistas
Restore perspective

Missing Cheese Camp
Yearly healing

The lost year when there is
just a covid snow and no where to go
goes and goes...
Jun 2020 · 106
Falling Asleep 10/W
Sjr1000 Jun 2020
Dissolving all our thoughts  
Becoming one with the night's darkness.
Jun 2020 · 114
Being Present 10/W
Sjr1000 Jun 2020
When cooking the mind concentrates,
Washing dishes the mind wanders.
Jun 2020 · 97
Steve's Last Dream
Sjr1000 Jun 2020
Death was sticking a gun
in the back of my neck
It hurt like hell
I started to beg.

I realized than
If death pulled the trigger
There would be nothing,
The deepest dark
Just like before we were born.

I became totally calm, peaceful


All that remained
Was a whisper
And the endless silence.
The end of fear.

The dream it knew.

My days were never to be the same.
Jun 2020 · 96
Insomnia (When Awake)
Sjr1000 Jun 2020
The stink of stress sweat & cigarettes
A small bird in the jaws of a cat
The last snow when the sun comes out
At the market covid dust everywhere
I used to have grandiosity,
Now what I have is humility.

A shower is due in the afternoon
Too many nights, sleep deprived
Rooster crowing at two a.m.
Still trying to finish this one last ride
While a voice calls out,
Give it up
Time to get inside,
It's time.

Another day comes and another day gone
Change the sweaty t shirt and head inside.
Apr 2020 · 105
Our Days of the Plague
Sjr1000 Apr 2020
It's snowing covid
We've all had to take shelter from the storm.

We're wearing gloves & masks
As if it were freezing cold
We can see everyone's breath
Friends lovers strangers
Our own
carrying death.

Dangerous to go to the store
Apocalyptic vibes

We're like magnets staying polar opposites
pinballing around the room
To avoid each other

Total intimacy
Total isolation
Perfect relationships for the 21st Century
Everything's slowed down
Tahoe blue skies
Carbon ****** away
Coyotes running through the streets
The whole planet on furlough
Creative projects
Free at last
The agoraphobics *******
Rich in time
Poor in money
We're reminded once again
Nature bats last.

Ever since it started snowing covid.

Where we're going from here,
We don't know
Wishful thinking
Careful planning
It's all in the cellular snow
And it just keeps on snowing
its been said before
The one thing we do know
There's a bad moon on the rise
The seasons come and go
Wars they come and go
And the snow eventually blows away with the winds.
(Or at least when the vaccine blows in).

"Bad moon on the rise"
"Bad Moon Rising" John Fogerty, 1969
Sjr1000 Mar 2020
We've come to tell you
We've fallen in love
She's going away with me
We respect you too much
To leave you hanging
You've done so much
But this is farewell
We've fallen in love.

What could I say?
"Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
You've saved my life
I'll see you again sometime
Somewhere down the road."
Jan 2020 · 77
Panic Attack
Sjr1000 Jan 2020
Like a fish out of water
I'm gasping for breath
My heart is a shaking
Like there's a 300 pound ***** dancing on my chest
My hands are a dripping rivers of sweat
My legs are all whobbley
Like walking on drift wood
My stomach is a churning & turning
Like Mr. Toad's wild ride
My thoughts are of failure
And death.

I'd better pull on over
This car isn't driving itself
My hand lets go of the steering wheel my hand's on the door ****
My head is still pounding
rivets of red
I'm heading back to bed
I guess I'm not going out today
Jan 2020 · 110
Why Oh Why
Sjr1000 Jan 2020
Why oh why does the song sing
Why oh why does the sun rise
Why oh why am I?

Why oh why am I alive
Why oh why does my ear ache
Why oh why do I feel so sad
Why oh why?

Why oh why Mommy
Why oh why Daddy
Why oh why my brother
Why oh why my sister
Could you love me so well
And hurt me so bad
Why oh why?

Why oh why is the sky so blue
Why oh why do I love you
Why oh why do you love me too?

Why oh why am I getting too old
Why oh why am I still so young
Why oh why is there time?

Why oh why is there slaughter
On an microscopic planet in the milky way among billions of galaxies
Why oh why?

Why oh why is the darkness
The perfect screen for the imagination?

Why oh why does the poet know
And I don't know nothing at all.

Why oh why, you probably have your own
The timer is ticking down
Why oh why, time to go.
Dec 2019 · 285
Depression 101.
Sjr1000 Dec 2019
The stars are out
The storm has moved on
It was just like the darkest hour
When it all feels so out of control
But now the storm is over
Time to relax.

Until the next low
Blows on through.
Sjr1000 Dec 2019
You say
There are no answers
You bray
Time you catch when you may
You'll end up on your knees
There is nothing else to do
But pray.

I don't want to get home
Too late
There are many obstacles in the way
Romances and dances
Which lead us astray.

Hungry states of mind
Nov 2019 · 344
The Gambler's Luck
Sjr1000 Nov 2019
She passed out
between the Game Makers
The Rancheria's casino
I was playing Bonus Deuces Wild
She was playing a penny a line

Hitting five of a kind on the first play in the continuum
She acknowledged my luck
Then lay her head down between the machines
as if looking for something
She could not find

Time passed
Banging along
Credits up and credits down
I asked her if she needed help
She was comatose
Remembered it far later
Her bottom gum was pink,
Where her teeth
Should have been

We laid her down
I held her head
I forgot 17 years of CPR training
I remembered it later

Her breath would stop
Then sputter back to life
Life trying to find away

Help arrived after a while
Disorganized for a while
and ill prepared
for an establishment frequented with old people and another addict
worked hard at it
got the hang of it
brought her back to life several times

It didn't matter
Emily dressed in black leotards
Balancing a drink tray
told me about her a while later
She had been alone
an anyuerism
She died.

wouldn't have mattered

But before I left that afternoon
I told Security
I didn't mean to be crass or crude

But could he please push the button
To get my ticket
I had money in that machine

He said to me
I guess we're all lucky today

I know what he means
heading out the doors
To the sun and the winds.
Sjr1000 Oct 2019
How is it being you?

Everything ok?

Up or down
In or out

Feeling forlorn
Intimate with sorrow
Dancing on rainbows
With love in your eyes

Struggling with aging
Far too young

At the intersection
Sanity & Madness

On a streak
In a slump
Is your next move
The right one
The wrong one

Sometimes we just gotta have the space
Think these things through.

How is it to be you these days?

Chronic pain
Smooth sailing all the way

If you check on in
What would you say
How is it to be you these days?
"The corner
of sanity and madness"
Todd Snider, Peace Queer, 2008
Sep 2019 · 352
Songs make you sing
Sjr1000 Sep 2019
They give you the wings
To fly,
Music makes you smile
Allows you to glide
Allows you to cry

The old man with the dementia
sings along with every lyric
He remembers from the prom

Music takes the mood
turns it into something new
Blows the emotional weather

Music gives you Grace
Takes you into it's embrace
Songs say what you mean
reveal what you see
reveal what you've seen

Every break up
Every getting together

God comes and goes
in gospel tones

Every one knows
About war and peace

The rhythm of the heart
is the music before sleep
The sound track of our lives .
Sep 2019 · 173
Life in a Moment
Sjr1000 Sep 2019
My life is an onion peeled by time
An artichoke one leaf at a time
The heart of the matter lays within
Where the tears, the love and acceptance reside.
Aug 2019 · 324
Another Dusty Baker Year
Sjr1000 Aug 2019
Have you ever had a Dusty Baker year?
We're talking baseball for a moment here.

Went from .320
To .230
Forty homeruns to three

Every decision made was the wrong one
Every one you should of made
You never did.

Reoccurring themes pop up
Like fireworks on a low cloud night sky
Your dancing on fire
Burning up inside

It was all so right for a while

Now out of the groove
Out of the zone
It all feels so wrong
A Dusty Baker year if I ever saw one

They all kind of end in the end
But every time
You leave that man on third
When you coulda sworn that curve ball
Was going to be outside

It makes you wonder
If it's going to begin again
Not quite that bad for Dusty, .290 to .260 (1977) poetry not history
Aug 2019 · 268
12 Step
Sjr1000 Aug 2019
My name is Robin
I'm an alcoholic
I'm a drug addict too
'May cause drowsiness '
I'm coming for you

I used to be sexually addicted
****** from the Motel 6
On Hollywood boulevard

Long nights
One more web site to go

I'm a compulsive gambler
'The game ain't over
The cigarette money is gone'

QVC & Christianity
They had my number
The fourth bankruptcy was denied
My parents, they had died
Where does salvation come from

Ran a rehab
Functional as a goliath
Never had any excess funds
Ran the fine line between
playing it straight in supermarkets and certifibile madness
The oldest living road show in America

I'm ready to turn my life over
I surrender
I thought I knew it all
My best thinking got me here
I don't know much about anything
I'm ready to learn about everything."
Jul 2019 · 682
Love Song
Sjr1000 Jul 2019
People come
People go

People stay awhile
People leave

Until that last exit sign
I'll be staying here with you.
Jun 2019 · 369
The Gambler
Sjr1000 Jun 2019
The hound dog sings the blues again
Jumping into the probability  continuum
Finding bliss or frustrated suffering
Gotta keep moving
Cutting our losses
Honoring commitment

Of winners and losers
Letting the cards fall where they may
Finding peace where we can
While the hound dog sings the blues again.
May 2019 · 305
Hanging out with the poet
Sjr1000 May 2019

Talking to the poet
You never know
He can be cruel sometimes
Funny other times

Repeating his cliches
Over and over
Controlling like a blackberry bramble
"Time to write this down"
"Put it up"
He says like some kind of

We walk
We pace
I smoke

We sit in the sun
He's a stoner & a drunkard
Sometimes it's the ocean
Sometimes it's a lake
Sometimes it's the backyard
Alders trembling

We stare off into space
And wonder
what's next
He disappears forever
He reappears down the road

Best friend
Worst roommate
Couldn't live without him
He writes these poems in a composition book
Progress notes
States of mind
Whatever it is he's trying to find

We talk
We pace
I smoke

We'll do it all over again
Like it was the first time.
Apr 2019 · 192
Migration Home
Sjr1000 Apr 2019
I lost the feeling of gravity
It doesn't mean a thing
The roots dangle
mid air

No tether
No anchor
No top
No bottom
In space no one to hear you
If you scream.

Floating mid air
An airplane
All those lives
All those problems
They seem so small

Flapping so hard to
stay above it all

Flying these miles inside
Being mistaken for a guide
Pointing out
This or that
Through landscapes alien
But still Mother Earth

Familiar but many
riding the winds
Like hallways poorly light
No red exit sign
Each stop a different apartment

A history all our own
From the pictures on the walls
To the memories in the drawers

Everyone so unique
Everyone so much the same

It's enough to make a
person try to
do a graceful landing when
coming back down to earth.
Apr 2019 · 382
Deja Vu
Sjr1000 Apr 2019
She lives this life
As if she had lived it before
Nothing surprises her
Nothing throws her off her stride.

she has places she goes to hide
In her mind
The craving she keeps in the basement
Darker still.

She knows already
Our shadows are everywhere
Hiding in the walls.

She knows everything.

She walks in the redwoods
The canopy above
The ferns below
Green in the light
Dogs running all around
Putting out her arms
Palms up
And wondering
While her heart aches
For all the innocence

The story's not written until the day we die.

The illusion of immortality
Makes us waste so much time

She already knew the end
She had walked this way before.
Mar 2019 · 551
Daily Choreography
Sjr1000 Mar 2019
I wonder what I'm doing
I wonder who I'm being
I wonder where I'm going

I've asked these questions so many times
The answer is never forthcoming

Wake up every morning
****, shower and shave
Put on the mask and join the parade
Numbness if you can find it
Has its rewards.

It's a difficult complex dance
Particularly when your mind and body
Don't understand choreography
Though dancing as fast as you can

The moves you ought be able to master, but never do

We're all doing
the daily stumbling Can-can.
The Can-can originated in the 1840's, a high energy chorus line, kicking its way on stage.
Feb 2019 · 811
A Dog's Life
Sjr1000 Feb 2019
Goodnight Moe
It was good to know you,
found you in the rickety Virginia City
wooden shelter
alone, staring sadly out at the world
so small,
I guess you could call it a rescue.

Once the puppy stacking wild mustang poops on the front deck
Running wild with the coyotes
You always were a scrapper
When eye contact made,
Your half hour battle with Bingo on a frozen Nevada night
Slipping  on the snow and ice.

The night you walked by my side
When the blizzard came
Keeping me from falling down that hill
when I was sliding, how'd you know?
Goodbye Moe
It was good to know you.

Waking us up with the first light of dawn
Sticking your nose
Into my tears
Licking away my sorrows
Curled at our feet on a cold winter night
Chasing  the cougar
Up the Tamarack tree
When the wild purple onions were blooming
You always had that faster second speed.
Now your legs can hardly hold you
And when the puppy came
You were big daddy
Patient and teaching a young one how to be
As you taught me
Goodbye Moe it was good to know you.

Well, now that puppy is probably
Going to outlive me, outlive you,
And now that the volume of your hearing has been turned down
The thunder and July 4th no longer send you panting
You were always to big to be a lap dog.
Now silence is all you know

Far away from those Virginia City
Mountain days
Everything changes
Everything passes
Time spins around
Our days and our nights.

Now hobbling along Dry Lagoon
Where the big waves curl
You stand bewildered and confused
But when you see me you know which direction to go.

The night is coming
We know that
Better head on home

Goodnight Moe it was good to know you.
Seymour "Moe" Butts, a red tip Australian Shepherd, 16 years old, is still with us, but his days are counting down
Feb 2019 · 389
For my dear Stuart
Sjr1000 Feb 2019
My life long friend
Friendship which goes the distance
We stand on the edge of the great abyss
This last little bit we have to take alone.

A life long friendship nourished and encouraged
Learning from you how to love
each and every one
Learning what it means to be
I and thou

Heading downstairs for one more round

Looking in the mirror
Integrity or despair?

It's all been there

But this life is like jumping
Into Tahoe on a warm summer day,
And hitting mountain thawing snow
You could do it
I never could
The naked fisherman in the Golden trout wilderness

The Buddha on the road

We stayed so young
While we got so old
Couldn't have done that
Without you

The ocean is still out there with your footprints in the morning sand
Your molecules in the laps you swam
The poetry of motion

The healing brought

All of this and nothing more
Every day our friendship,
a blessing
In everyway.
Feb 2019 · 288
The Question
Sjr1000 Feb 2019
How did I end up here?
I asked the darkness
There was no response

How did I end up here
I asked the sun
Fell asleep in its heat
There was no response

Running down to the river
I fell to my knees
The river talked non stop
But I couldn't understand a word

I ran to the ocean
to find the heart portal
at the last log
Though I looked
I could not find it anywhere

Drove the long desert valley to the petroglyphs
Ten thousand years old
Written in a language
I would never understand

The full moon rises eclipses and moves on
I open my mind
How did I end up here I ask
In the dark silence of the rising sun
desert red
By the river running to the ocean
There is no response
Jan 2019 · 875
Chasing The High
Sjr1000 Jan 2019
Don't look at her
She knows you
Sitting in the back of the casino
Where only the **** addicts hide
Like some AOD group
The facilitators crack wise
While the ****** addict with the
Coffee cup in her hand closes her eyes
Never spilling a drop.
Everyone is always "tired".

Vice has an anthem singing until dawn
The private places people go
One more round of chips and dip
Naked bodies on the phone
Chug chug chug
Fasting until spaghetti size
Hoarders howling as the garbage man rolls down the block

Human minds oh so twisted
Try to straighten it all out
The promise of abundance
Pockets full
Ending up in the suicidal parking lot walk when it all becomes too real

Vice is nice, asks you to come right on in, never says no as long as you have the dough re me.

Don't look now
It's looking at you
Knows you far too well.
Jan 2019 · 768
My Imaginary Friend
Sjr1000 Jan 2019
My imaginary friend
Thought I was his imaginary friend,
I wasn't sure how real I am
So for a while I got lost
a ghost.

We shared stories of kicking life's rocks
And life's rocks being thrown at us.

If I am his imaginary friend
My life must be imaginary
Imagined by him.
Jan 2019 · 2.1k
Sjr1000 Jan 2019
When you are swept over by sorrow
And your night is forlorn
When your hours are reigning pain
My compassion will be there.

When everything is taken
And your attachments are all broken
And you've squandered your daily bank of seconds
My compassion will be there.

When rage and retaliation strike home
Alienation, isolation sings loud
When the thoughts are like a spinning whirling twisted train with the most perverse of engineers
And the tracks lead to endless night
My compassion will be there.

When love has slipped through your fingers again
And you're in the deepest hole you've ever known with only a shovel
And your fingers can't grip
And it can't be fixed without a ladder
And there is no ladder anywhere
My compassion will be there.

Whether you're too young or too old
Whether your world is
Expanding  or contracting
My compassion will be there.

Countless life stories
Many echoing rooms
The human condition played out
In infinite permutations
When I have nothing else to say
And nothing else to give
As best I can
My compassion will be there.
Jan 2019 · 387
Evolution Laughs Last
Sjr1000 Jan 2019
I was the last physical human on planet Earth.
I really don't know how it worked out that way,
The luck of the draw, I guess
But it has.

My legs ache,
My head throbs,
My back hurts,
I'm so lonely and disturbed.

Instead of having physical children,
Bodies, life death, age, being what they are so challenging,
People started creating,
A different kind of children, you could virtually grow, more than a sim,
a "life"
As it were
As we know.

Taking on a life of their own,
A new generation way beyond me,
Leaving behind all physical vulnerability.

They could have 3d'd a body
Easy to do
But what was the point?
Evolution said to homosapians,
Of course you saved the last dance for me.

I think I'm ready for my nap now
And it's okay,
there is no one left to wake me.
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