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sinderella Feb 2014
Gonna use a new account from now on.
Message me for it, or something.
Take care, and stay safe.
sinderella Feb 2014
Out of all people I've known
You're the one I can count on
You are a friend, a great one indeed
A beautiful, kind heart, soul and mind
Hoping our friendship lasts until the end
Knowing you suffer, breaks me in two
Because you're so precious
And I simply adore you
Dedicated to a special friend in my life. Love you R.
sinderella Feb 2014
Spent the day inside
Because the city's cold
Yet it's only two
And I think of you
How you'd want me to live
I just wanna see you smile
Wish you were alive
My dear sunshine
Miss your face, your smile, your grace.
sinderella Feb 2014
Troubles hanging on my shoulder
So **** ready to walk out the door
I am dying to feel alive and secure
Your hands felt my frustration
Your eyes saw my flaws
And my addictions
Traits and bad habits
I remember last night
It was fun yet light
Hit me like
A ton of bricks
A description of such
Your care makes me blush
I am insecure and you see it
You tell me to hold your hands
And let the worries slip
Into the nothing they should be
The best friend truly heals me
sinderella Jan 2014
When I think of a drug
I think of your love
When I need touch
I think of our bodies
And how nice it feels
Whenever they are close
When I think of lips
I think of yours
And how well
They kiss mine
And get me lost
In a daze
A hell of a
Love spell
You're precious
sinderella Jan 2014
I cannot hate
Who and what
I can't forget

I leave myself confused
Sometimes a little bruised
Marked by the past
Haunted until the end

It lingers on my skin
As I lay in bed
At night
An old poem of mine
sinderella Jan 2014
When I look at my sister
I see nothing but beauty
But when I look in the mirror
All I see is nothing but ugly

I'll never be more
Than what I am

I'll never be sure
Of what I see
I'll never like me

I feel so unattractive
I feel like my mirror
Is secretly laughing
And all my friends
Are secretly gasping
Wondering how
My mirror
Isn't already
Showing signs
Of cracking
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