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Your Strength keeps me Free, from all of the sins.
As Long as I keep using Your Strength to stay in it.
For Your Strength is never ending and I shall stay Free.
For You rescue me , from sins and addictions as well.
Because in Your Strength , I am one of the Mightiest Warriors.
So I shall Dance, Sing, Run and Praise Your Worthy Name.
There is no Greater Name, than Your Name Lord Jesus.
Because Your Strength, You keep People Free from Sin here.
Your Freedom frees Us from death as well as other things here.
Our Eyes, our precious eyes, God´s comfort
they are the windows to our heart
God will never take away this greatest valuable support
He is healing all the ailing parts
He is a God of Greatest Love
His Residence is straight above
We can never imagine His Love for us
so greatest, that surpasses truly all things with plus
believe in Him as a child is truly a must

my heart is crying all the time, my dearest Kim
terrible monsoon inside all parts
please, know that all poets here love you very much to the brim
and we all pray for your well being
hear the beating of our praying hearts....

created with love,
Sylvia Frances Chan
This humble verse is meant as a support for our dearest Kim, who is still suffering from ailing eyes. May this verse contribute a tiny bit to your healing process, please have patience, God hears all prayers, sure.
My face is full of laughter
My eyes are dried of tears
But there's fine print
You must read
Burned there from
All the years.

My cheeks are red & rosey
My lips turned up in smiles
But there are lines
Of grief and pain
From walking many miles.

Please take me at face value
For I laugh... I'm laughing still!
But I've endured
Much hardship
For it was God's will.

But if I had not suffered
This peace I'd not enjoy
If I had not known sorrow
I would not fathom Joy!

See the fine print on my face
Those lines that I do wear
Read wisdom in
My countenance
Yes, it is written there.

To every man or woman
Who have known this part
You may have lines
Upon your face

But beauty's in your heart!

Inspired by Midnight Sun's wallpaper photo. Thank you, my new friend!
The Lamb of God
wore a crown of thorns.
Pressed down hard upon His brow.
Piercing ****** into His holy brain.
That my mind might be healed by His Word
of Truth.
That I might clearly see.

The Lamb of God
wore striped wounds upon His back.
That the heavy burden of sins I bear.
Might be unloaded at the foot of His Cross.
And left there.

The Lamb of God
was nailed to a tree.
With excruciating wounds to His
hands and feet.
That I might from sin's chains
be forever released.

The Lamb of God
faced fear for me.
Through ****** tears of agony.
The Garden of Gethsemane. (Luke 22:22-24)
That I might be a lamb in His arms.
Who need never fear what may come.

The Lamb of God
was abandoned by all.
Family, friends, and even God His Father.
Left alone to die on a cruel Cross.
With broken heart.
And pain of loss.
That I might never be alone.
That my heart might be healed
of every scar and wound.

The Lamb of God
was pierced in the side.
Laughed at.
Stripped naked.
Made Monstrous. (Isaiah 52:14)
That I might be made beautiful.
That I might be forgiven.
That I might be clothed with Him.

Oh, how deep, how great, how unfathomable
is His Love!
I weep over this...
And my own unworthiness.

The Lamb of God
breathed His last.
"Father, forgive them." (Luke 23:34)
"It is finished." (John 19:30)
He was laid in a new tomb to rest.
While those He loved mourned, and had
their faith put to the test.

The Lamb of God
Oh glory! He rose!
On the third day.
Just as He promised.
"He is not here. He has risen.
Just as He said." (Matt. 28:6)

The Lamb of God
The Risen Christ
My Lord and my God!
Raised to life.
That I might walk new and redeemed.
As forgiven.
And prized.

The Lamb of God.
The Lamb who gave up all for me.
Who gave up all for you.
The Lamb of God.
Who won the victory.
Oh, how I love my Lamb of God!
Who gave up all.
To set us free.
Happy Easter Monday everyone!  Blessings to you all!
She has been blessed.
With many friends.
Faithful friends.
Faith-filled friends.
Followers of Him.
They fellowship together.
In prayer and
the reading of the Word.
She is filled with gratitude.
But also remembers.
There is only One friend.
Who "sticks closer than a brother." (Prov. 18:24)
And He alone holds the key to her heart.
For He is always.
Inspired by Proverbs 18:24, Holy Bible.
Sin has undone our wretched race;
But Jesus has restored,
And brought the sinner face to face
With his forgiving Lord.

This we repeat from year to year
And press upon our youth;
Lord, give them an attentive ear,
Lord, save them by Thy truth!

Blessings upon the rising race!
Make this a happy hour,
According to Thy richest grace,
And thine Almighty power.

We feel for your unhappy state
(May you regard it too),
And would a while ourselves forget
To pour our prayer for you.

We see, though you perceive it not,
The approaching awful doom;
Oh tremble at the solemn thought,
And flee the wrath to come!

Dear Saviour, let this new-born year
Spread an alarm abroad;
And cry in every careless ear,
"Prepare to meet thy God!"
Thou hast seen my grieving heart
And hast not turned my soul away
But invited me, “Come closer.”
Ever near Thy heart to stay

Thou hast drawn me with Thy goodness
And encircled me with grace
Yea, bestowed such loving-kindness
And revealed to me Thy face
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