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Nov 2017 · 284
harmony for wait
sherindream Nov 2017
harmony for wait
find success in sleeping late
ripeness, ready - here i go
harmony for heart and flow

**** the stress and share the tune
harmony, it will come soon
find success in slowing down
then again, it will be found

harmony's this body's sound
drop the faces - buckle down
be complete in all you do
totality will come to you

silence says it will shift soon
thunderbolt this honeymoon
sit in source without report
then friendliness will fill the wounds
Nov 2017 · 170
spiritual spring
sherindream Nov 2017
the tree is breathing,
here in spiritual spring…
and i'm writing,
cause i'm not letting me sing
and i’d talk
but i don't know where to begin
so i’ll play with words,
cause that’s my thing...

i'll write a poem
cause it helps me breath
and i know who i am
so why can't i believe
in myself as i am
and then patience - befriend
because here's the beginning
but where is the end?

so many things
float around in my mind
and how twisted it is
when there's nothing but time
and i know i know God
and i know i'm divine
but i can't be attached
because none of it's mine…
Nov 2017 · 157
remind me
sherindream Nov 2017
remind me of the peace
that comes in with a wave
and stays close when it's saved
and not forgotten

then tell me of the sounds i hear
when no one is around i fear
and nothing's bound to nothing
and quiet's begotten

remind me of the tribal march
when clouds stay close and keep in touch
and worries and woes just turn to dust

then tell me of the orange sky
that god brushed out without a try
and put on canvas for you and i
to revel
Nov 2017 · 182
true unity
sherindream Nov 2017
hold up?  you're trying to register me??
with your weak ***, fake pretend democracy..
you think that history'll repeat?
but the perspective from you box is limited and bleak..
you don't see where we're at now -
but you can feel the vibe has changed somehow..
you're followed by an angry crowd -
but still, whispers of hearts are getting loud..
i wonder - if somehow you can hear?  
what calls out to you beneath the fear??
your wounds are out for all to see
and they're aimed like daggers, straight at me
but i can take it - bring it on
i'll just 'fight' you with one more peace song..
see, i can - cause it's the land of the free
and sorry - that means free for you AND for me
so come - let's battle - i am armed
with truth and all else that trumps wrong
you can not know what you have sparked..
i'm on a mission, let's embark
we'll rip down these tethered times
and we'll come to battle with our rhymes
we'll catapult your stupid walls
and watch this **** injustice fall
i can see it now, clear in my head
a land that's free - where all are fed
and there's no need to cheat or steal
and no wound is still left unhealed
where everyone is in their peace
and all the dark has been released
just close your eyes now, and try to see
the end road, it's true unity
Nov 2017 · 159
she came through
sherindream Nov 2017
she came through, like a thief in the night
with all of the skill, but none of the fight
taunting, twisting, curling tight
she kept me soon as she gained sight

of what it was she chose to have
a chance to scrabble for my bag
my heart, she saw in time to grab
but still she went straight for the jab

but kindness is what hit me hard
the sweeping tears of steel guitars
the earthy tones that soon set in
the flute that’s whistling in the wind

to tell the story of the souls
who came before and then grew old
but first learned of the harmonies
of memorized soliloquies

the stories of the sweetest sounds
when happiness was still abound
and understood and all around
was faith brand new in form of sound

but she will always bring me back
this answer to my heart attack
she’s like a warm touch to my skin
the beauty that words just won’t bring

she is my lover and my friend
so all else then, is just pretend
the only thing that sets me free
the rhythm and the melody
Nov 2017 · 181
sherindream Nov 2017
It's so beautiful when I step outside
The trees are swaying from side to side
It's almost sunset, bout 5:45
I'm just relaxing – glad to be alive

The birds are singing – palms are highin 5's
The fish are swimming – bugs are buzzin by
I'm finally winning – thank God, it's about time
I feel like singing – the sun just waved goodbye

I'm out here talking to my friend, the earth
She says, "Wo!, slow down before you get hurt –
See how the ocean just sits there like the dirt?
See how the clouds drift – softer than the earth?

And what's the hurry? Where you trying to get?
Why all the worry? Doesn't make much sense.
Here in the moment. How bout love instead?
Of all those fingers pointing some old dread?"

I smile and thank her and of course, she's right
There can't be love with all the fight
Just look around my dear friends cry
Don't let the beauty pass you by

Kaho'olawe is so very pink
My center as I sit and think
Of all the things I want to see
Of all the love right here for me

So drop the mind and tap the heart
This island's shown me where to start
From here, there's nothing left to do
But sit and smile and be with you
Nov 2017 · 153
out on top
sherindream Nov 2017
you know i'm out here on my own
trying to get my own self grown
thought i'd take some time alone

it's hard to see the green from here
only sometimes when cloud's aren't near
they part some days just like my fears

there's nothing quite like that clear day
the view up here from far away
sometimes i think i'd like to stay

far from the people down below
i knew them why back, long ago
out where the river used to flow
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 334
kundalini fire blaze
sherindream Nov 2017
i can hear the fire and the rain at the same time.
nature calls through .. light bells chime
kundalini fire blaze
not supposed to talk about that phase
i feel the knot deep in my gut
unraveling - ******* **** up
she's burning through the old, in time
initiation - fire sublime
she leads me through my darkest spots
to doors i never knew had locks
twisting, turning - deeper in
poppin and cracking - down i spin
to get down to the very root
and give that ancient pain the boot
my skin is itching, pulling tight
i can still feel my forces fight
purging the old through every pore
and so my body's beat and sore
but some peace comes from knowing it
the answers lie here - where i sit
and the outcome is up to me
i choose end road divinity -
i hear the fire and the rain at the same time
they sound similar but beat in different time
but still the crackle feels like a drip
and i am summoned, and so i sit
to hear the calling of what's to be
i heal my body for you and me
in time you will come to understand
how just one human can change the plan
Nov 2017 · 114
i once was a seeker..
sherindream Nov 2017
i once was a seeker but now i'm a see-er
all motivated by want to get free-er
once i was lost but know now i am found
all motivated by want to get down
so set down your troubles and come wiggle near
i've got some secrets i want you to hear
know there's a gem deep within to be found
let it be your compass and guide you around
spent so long listening but still couldn't hear
then heard my heart and so **** got real clear
now my days are spent just dancing around
wondering what new treasure's yet to be found
turning the **** until i tune right in
when the vibe is right i just feel myself swim
floating on seas of the sounds of my field
finding the right note that i need to heal
so much peace comes from just floating around
ask for the answers and they will be found
then just get quiet and see what you see
nature is showing you your frequency
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 134
drift away
sherindream Nov 2017
where i go, when i'm in my head
will i flow, or drift away instead
will i know, where i'm supposed to head
will i go, or drift away instead


i know i've been here before
yet it seems so unfamiliar
i know you've got control
but that doesn't make it simpler
life is an open road
for us to go and paint our picture
tell me which way you wanna go
how you gonna witch your tincture
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 144
find the vibration
sherindream Nov 2017
find the vibration so the song can come
be present so the work can be done
heal, be healed and free the pain
easy travels, ride the train

do nothing but don't fall back
just be and stay on the track
there is no past or future here
only now as to stay clear

find the vibration so the song can come
be present so the work can be done
if you ask, you shall receive
heal, be healed - so you can lead

let it go - fear trips you up
it's just pretend so you're allowed to stop
all the **** that you've been fed
all the self-doubt in your head

all that's real is who you are
look inside, the soul's not far
body is a body and a mind is a mind
leave it and don't fear what you'll find

be absolute and be complete
stand and don’t fear who you may meet
we are all on the same road
regardless of what we’ve been told

don’t run from yourself
embrace it, it’s your wealth
keep the song and all is well
sing it strong and it will tell  

find the vibration so the song can come
be present so the work can be done
if you ask, you shall receive
heal, be healed - so you can lead
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 117
if i believe in love
sherindream Nov 2017
if i believe in love
like i say i do
then i'd believe in us
and i'd believe in you

if i believe in love
yeah, if that's what's true
then i wouldn't be so scared
about leaving you

if i believe in love
there's nothing left to do
because for now, my heart
it belongs to you

if i believe in love
like i say i do
then i'd believe in us
and i'd believe in you


if i believe in love
like you want me too
then i'll believe in us
and i'll believe in you

if i believe in love
yeah, if that's my truth
then i can stop all my tears
over me and you

if i believe in love
like i say i do
then i can shut my mind down
and i will wait for you

if i believe in love
like you know i do
then i'll believe in us
and i'll believe in you
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 117
my tower, my rainbow
sherindream Nov 2017
the sky is black - but it's ok
just close your eyes to these dark days
without the dark, there is no light
and led by anger, we'll lose this fight
just dream of stars and rainbows bright
and then we'll truly know unite
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 1.3k
sherindream Nov 2017
surrender this mind and this heart will follow
let your intellect go for your bright tomorrow
stop trying to try and your light will shine
stop hoping to be what you are - divine

surrender your doubts and the worries will go
be cradled and see what you already know
stay humble at best cause it's not about you
arrogance is the test not to fail this time through

grace is the word you keep trying to define
get there, you'll see.  not a word, state of mind
realizing your power will be giving it back
realizing true self is what intellect lacks

surrender to flow, without question or fight
surrender to service as your highest right
let selflessness be your guide.  peace be your reward
find comfort in silence.  this you can afford

surrender this lifetime.  surrender this fear
surrender your ego and the light will be clear
surrender your anger.  surrender your dreams
cause the one that is coming is the greatest unseen
surrender your worries.  surrender this time
surrender self-doubt.  be cradled in the divine
surrender the future.  surrender the past
surrender the human.  only love and light last
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 120
wish i'd stayed the same
sherindream Nov 2017
wish i hadn't lost my way
wish i hadn't gone astray
wish that nightmare hadn't stained
wish my faith defeat my pain

wish my memory hadn't failed
wish my love-light hadn't paled
wish my passion had not staled
and how i wish my memory hadn't failed

almost thought i'd lost your name
nearly got lost in the game

thought my soul would steer this ship
thought my mind would get a grip
wish this moment wouldn't stick
and ****, i wish my mind would get a grip

glad i listened to the wind
glad i remembered she was friend
glad i listened to the rain
glad your name, it finally came
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 98
i swear to god
sherindream Nov 2017
My throat hurts cause it's tired of being muzzled
And my head hurts cause it's tired of all the struggle
And my eyes hurt cause they're sick of seeing double
And my heart hurts cause it's sick of all my troubles

And I'm tired – I'm tired of the pain
And I'm tired – I'm tired of trying to attain
I'm tired – tired of missing God
And I'm tired – tired of feeling like a fraud

My mind hurts cause it's always speeding
And my hands hurt cause they're always bleeding
And my blood hurts anytime there's feeding
And my back hurts cause it's sick of always needing

And I'm happy – I'm happy to be here
And I'm happy – I'm happy in the moments that I'm clear
I'm happy when my body's fluid
And I'm happy when I see there's nothing to it

And my heart hurts cause it's under covers
And my root hurts cause of lack of lover
And my soul hurts cause it misses God
And my mind hurts cause it's tired of waiting for applause

And my shoulders are heavy from the weight
And I'm tired – tired of trying to relate
I'm humbled when I hear my heart
And I'm grateful – I'm grateful every time I start

And I'm praying – I'm praying for release
And I'm praying – I'm praying for that phantom peace
I'm praying for my cells to wake
And I'm praying – I pray this time the change will take

And I'm happy when I sing to you
And I'm happy when I feel and see the truth
I'm happy when I step outside
And I'm happy when I see there's nothing left to hide

I promise to listen to my heart
And I promise – I'll listen till I feel my part
I promise – I promise to be true
And I swear, I swear I'll give this life to you
Nov 2017 · 107
my element
sherindream Nov 2017
one by one, my friends walk away
then it's the part in the play where they say
'don't forget that you wanted this'

'you're the one that made this happen again,
cause you push everyone away and that's when -
you can be the lonely artist'

i guess i wonder if it's all true
if i'm the one who's being the fool
have i been lost since the start of it?

that's to say my truth's been a lie
it was really only in my mind
am i to give up this awful bliss?

must be shedding my skin again
wish this would happen much less often
keep thinking i know who i am

truth be known - this moment, i'm lost
now my body's paying the cost
and here i'm still blaming it on them

then the walls come tumbling down
sanity's nowhere to be found
my identity's wandering
swear i thought by now i'd be sound
thought i'd have my feet on the ground
haven't known since i don't know when

when this started
and the story began
it was twisted
and now here i am
all defensive
with nowhere to stand
far from my element -
i forgot who i am
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 124
full circle
sherindream Nov 2017
There's this quiet sadness that I just can't kick
And with all the madness - might as well get lit
See - they've all gone crazy on me in this town
If it were a painting, they'd be upside down

This whole thing started when I packed my bags
Told them I was leaving and I won't come back
Put the past behind me - go and find my way
Let the sunshine shine me to my brighter day

Now it's four years later - circle's come full round
Seems I'm finally walking with my feet on the ground
Till this lady hit me with her Durango
I got knocked the **** out - back to ground zero

So I leave the sunshine - trade it for the cold
And my body's battered and my soul is torn
So I drag the pieces back, I'm jersey bound
And I had to give up all that peace I'd found

So it's been a good bit now I've been back home
And I traded heaven for some open road
And I'm back with family where it all began
And I've come to understand just why I ran

And tho it's maddening - it still feels so good
To get back to where, somehow, I'm understood
Cause this place is where I let that sadness sprout
So it's only here that I can work it out

Here's my lesson - hurt is hard straight on
To see that you have old wounds that aren't yet gone
But just let them come up and soon you will see
That you've got to really feel it to get free

So it's 2 years since then now, I've come to learn
That it's harder to get up once you've been burned
But I keep my head up - truckin - faith I've found
So that now my own voice is the sweetest sound
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 127
our mystery
sherindream Nov 2017
i’m not angry, i’m just scared
i’m put here but i’m not prepared
sink of dishes, pale of tin
it’s too cold not to let you in

i ask my friend where she’s been
she tells me life is full of sin
i ask my lovers where they’ve gone
they sing to me that same old song
they tell me that it won’t be long
before the sun shines in but
i’m still waiting out the storm
the half-moon glows late after dawn

i’m not sure where to start
or how to fix this broken heart
the music, it still plays on
even though everyone is gone
i ask the mouse with the squeaky voice
he tells me that he’s had no choice
the way it is, they way it’ll be
he tells me just to stop and see

the indian, his flute will play
the sky will always be this gray
the soldiers march in disarray
today’s just like any other day

in my head i sing a song
and i know that it won’t be long
before this cloud lifts from me and
i will hum the harmony

the way it is – the way it goes
this ball of fear gathers and grows
the answer’s somewhere i suppose
in the hands of those who know

how i see you and you see me
do we have a chance at harmony?
i guess that’s been our mystery
let it go  –  let it be
Nov 2017 · 105
dragon eye
sherindream Nov 2017
acres of land and i'm one person here
vacant i stand - sure wish the weather would clear
hill tops and safe crops and rose petal skies
wish i could remember how i got here or why

i saw your dragon eye
wish you'd do something other than sigh
the silence is haunting like this lucid sky
but just as romantic as wondering why

can't seem to talk to you - often i try
can't light that candle cause we'll burn with that lie

still know i'm safe here - that's why i stay
my heart knows no fear - i've trained it that way

i saw your dragon eye
wish you'd do something other than sigh
the silence is haunting like this lucid sky
but just as romantic as wondering why

still i can't talk to you - often i try
wish you could do something other than sigh
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 121
the witness
sherindream Nov 2017
I still watch you
You're still sly
I can't stop you
So why try
I'll just watch you
While you lie
Keep your game up
Or at least you'll try
Just remember
It won't fly
Truth always comes
Why deny

You can't stay here
All you know is fear
You can't not care
We'll go nowhere
Please don't do that
Cause you'll fall flat
I'll still be here
Once you are clear

Cause you are me
And I am you
I'll be patient
Till you're all through
When you wake up
There'll be work to do
Pick your head up
Cause we're far from through
But pay no mind
Cause when this is through
There'll be good times
All our dreams come true

You can't stay here
All you know is fear
You can't not care
We'll go nowhere
Please don't do that
Cause you'll fall flat
I'll still be here
Once you are clear
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 101
sherindream Nov 2017
i'm lying but not sleeping
and the dreams still come
eyes open as i'm told
to remember one
i hear an angel singing
and her voice reminds me
a note comes out, a string is strum -
i know where i will be

she tells me to be patient
she tells me to hold on
she tells me to remember that i am still strong
she speaks of my visions
says never let them go
and i hear what she's saying
things that i already know

but it's hard to stay focused
and it's hard to stay clear
with all the pain around us,
our path is sometimes smeared
we question our choices
rough roads lie ahead
it's easy to stay stagnant
say the voices that are in my head
one force pulls me forward
once force pulls me back
today, one is stronger
but tomorrow, that same one lacks

this day seems so long
the future is so far away
the angel's still calling
but i look the other way

she tells me i'm still glowing
she says to follow through
i tell her that i have seen
what black magic can do

and it's hard to stay focused
and it's hard to stay clear
with all the pain around us,
our path is sometimes smeared
we question our choices
rough roads lie ahead
it's easy to stay stagnant
say the voices that are in my head
one force pulls me forward
once force takes me back
today, one is stronger
and tomorrow, that same one lacks
either way, i'm still going
what other choice do i have?
hope carries me forward
and now i can never turn back
no, now i can't ever turn back..
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 107
sherindream Nov 2017
my 9th life almost lost again
caught in the ocean turmoil whirlwind
you passed me - i called out 'i'm fine'
then turned and saw there was no shoreline

how quickly my faith walked away
before i had a chance to say goodbye
the peace i'd made with her died that day
and i was left with no wings to fly

sat on a rock and tried to cry
and you stayed silent while the wind hummed
and why that moment stays in mind
that peace that comes from being humbled

i cried out my fear
then i called out your name
quiet but clear
you were sent, then you came
so thank you my dear
for being the same
and saving me from
myself once again
sherindream song lyrics
Nov 2017 · 120
my mind's eye
sherindream Nov 2017
i - i just realized
i still use my mind
to keep trying to find
this crackerjack prize
again i realize
that in realizing
that itself's my mind's game
playing tricks on me
i wish i could see
that it's all make-believe
then i could be relieved
maybe i'd feel peace
then there'd be release
then maybe one day, i'll be free..
Nov 2017 · 125
too much of everything
sherindream Nov 2017
too much of everything i see
moves on and passes over me
this time, i gotta let it be
what's mine, i gotta wait and see
takes time, i know about that beat
my mind, it's got to be emptied
this life, what's gotten over me?
my rhyme, it's got to be set free

you gotta set it free baby
i'm talking you and me baby
you gotta let it be baby

not sure what i'm supposed to do
you don't kiss me the way you used to
sometimes, i feel i just can't breathe
so worried, thinking that you'll leave

you know what i would do for you
bring heaven down into our room
but see that don't mean anything
if you're not feeling the same thing

you gotta do it too baby
i'm talking me and you baby
you gotta love me too baby

we'll have to wait and see
you know that i want we
but it's not up to me

so tell me where we go from here
i'm happy when i have you near
if only baby you could see
no one's gonna love you like me
but see – i gotta love me too
they say to thine own self, be true
you gotta give me what i need
and make me a priority

see baby what i need is you
and i'm hoping that you need me too
i wanna love you tenderly
and give you everything you need
so tell me you'll take special care
and that you'd follow anywhere
we got a lot of things to see
know baby that you're safe with me

you've been my dream come true baby
to thine own self be true baby
you gotta love me too baby
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 136
sherindream Nov 2017
the clouds are lifting. the drugs are fading away
the fog’s receding. the sun is rising they say
and i am waiting. and i am waiting to say
that i can hear you, and i am ready to stay

will you come with me?
we’ll go on fading away
into the sunshine
no one will follow this way
will you come with me?
and if i asked you to stay?
would you be happy?
now tell me, what would you say?

the clouds are lifting. the tide is turning this way
the sky is melting, and we are all in its way
do you resent me? or are you happy you stayed?
please don’t be angry, that things have turned out this way

do you still love me?
or has it all washed away?
will you stay with me?
don’t let us go on this way
and i am waiting
and i am waiting to say
that i am empty
and i am ready to stay
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 122
when i was young
sherindream Nov 2017
when i was young, they said to me
when you are grown, you will be free
i said i know just what you mean
when i am grown, i will be queen

said i just don't know
which way to go

so now i’m grown as you can see
and like they said, she came for me
her hair was long.  her smile was sweet
reached out her hand, said don't worry

said i just don't know
which way to go

it’s hard when you stumble inside
i know, but i still wanna ride
at least you know which way to go
i still don’t know

it’s better when you're calm inside
i know it's hard but stabilize
too much inside won't help you grow
said yeah, i know.

i followed close.  she bewitched me
i’d never seen so much beauty
but where we were, i could not see
she calmed my soul, said don't worry

said now i know
which way to go
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 135
change in weather
sherindream Nov 2017
i'm waiting on a change in weather
you know that i can't wait forever
i can't stand here no more
feels like i've been standing forever

yeah i'm waiting on a change in weather
this cloud's been hovering forever
for so long i've watched it pour
it's been washing over me forever..

it's rained before
i don't want no more

still waiting on that change in weather
that time when we come back together
i don't care in what form
thought maybe we could change together

yeah still waiting on that change in weather
you know that we've done this forever
our love's weathered many storms
since god first put it all together..

it's rained before
i don't want no more

still waiting on that change in weather
you know that i can wait forever
my love doesn't know war
it just goes on and on forever.. forever..

it's rained before
i don't want no more
sherindream song lyrics
Nov 2017 · 107
dangled carrots
sherindream Nov 2017
it's hard to let go
of the thought
of gold pots
and dangled carrots

of the words
i thought were mine
and in time
came to find
they were all words

and the pictures in my head
of a giant palace
and a big warm bed
where goodness grows
and all are fed

but i am too attached

moment to moment
i can't find
when i time travel
all over in my mind

where is the now when i'm still in tomorrow?
and **** -  i should sit and meditate on my sorrow
and when will i learn that love cannot be borrowed
that *** can be sacred and this path can be followed
Nov 2017 · 119
empty rings
sherindream Nov 2017
empty rings around the sun
sing their praise and we are one
vacant circle in the earth
fills with song then there's rebirth
telescope eye in the sky
hemispheres of orange whys
empty circle in the dirt
buried gems of stolen mirth

mountaintops of idle sighs
tell the stories of the lies
ocean floors of untouched sands
parallel to vacant lands
pyramids of melodies
bring the strongest to their knees
fairy tales of silent truths
pale horizons, paper moon

lost and found and then, i'm lost again
no advice or caution from the wind
pray and ask and pray - i pray again
not sure why i pray - not listening

open valleys round your heart
nod and smile and play the part
craters filled with velvet dreams
nothing's ever as it seems
baby won't you sing for me
tell me of the remedies
bring the petals whisper wind
spilling treasures in their hymns

peace and war and then, there's peace again
sing your sound to me, i'm listening
pray and ask and pray - i pray again
help me find my way - i'm listening
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 114
sleep in dreams
sherindream Nov 2017
sleep in dreams
write those scenes out
wake with means
toss thoughts about
now those dreams are real

walk my field
step out, sun's up
wear no shield
rays say time's up
now your mind's not sealed
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 118
sherindream Nov 2017
blue, white, and sometimes there's light
grey, pink - orange only when i think
dark, bright - clouds fight
and sometimes they rain on me

but, i forgive them
when they kiss and makeup - i'm blown away
lost for hours in may showers
driving by in the winter's sky

i look to you when stars fly by
i think of you when snowflakes die
and i wonder how you're doing
how your day compares to mine
how you pass the time

and sometimes, when no one's around..
i'll sing to you and watch you smile
sherindream song lyrics
Nov 2017 · 381
i am
sherindream Nov 2017
I am a burning building
You are my tall wall that is still standing
I can't contain my flame that is always burning
You can't keep calming.  Your ocean's too demanding

I am a structure that is always crumbling
My frame is cracked and my composition is lacking
I have no time to keep going on like this pretending
I have no control over these matters that are pending

I see no flaw with my way of understanding
You have no law I see that is worth defending
This is my temple.  It's only love I am sending
These are our wounds, I am only but mending

I am a towering Banyan tree
I am ancient and wise beyond almost everything
I stand, I stand watchful of what every new sun brings
Quiet, I stand just listening to all of the birds sing
I am the leaf that is whistling in the wind
I dance all the time and I'm never mad at anything
My time is now and look at all of the change that it brings
So much to take in.  How could I be saddened by anything?

I've seen so much in all my years of standing
I see your struggle and it is only but ending
This is my love and soon, you will be understanding
This is my heart that I am forever lending

I am, I am the subtle secrecy that you leak
I am, I am the silent truth that does not need to speak
I am, I am the soft quiet guidance that you keep
You are, you are the very same prophet that you seek
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 144
awake again
sherindream Nov 2017
he's just trying to fit in
that's not a sin
but i can see the blanks
inside his eyes
he smiles and nods
and he'll agree
with all he sees
but i can see some truth
beneath his lies

i see myself
stare back at me
his eyes i've seen
in a mirror
not too long ago
another death
when will i see
that i don't need
to keep on counting them
as i go

another breakthrough lets me see where i've been tripping
another peak at what i seek helps clear the road
another death, yes i confess -
i've been fear driven
another day, another dance
awake again - here i go

and then again
one's sent to me
to help me see
the lies that i have hid
behind my truth

how i too blinded
try to be
one who's received
and not rejected
falling back into my youth

i see the arrogance that comes with light
that dim's my fight
when will i see
there is no need
ignorance has been my bliss
ego my fist
that doesn't let up
till i start to bleed

another time when i was blind
i can't remember
another spell i myself cast
i have let go
another curse has been reversed
one less contraction
another log pulled out
so that the river
can keep flow

another breakthrough lets me see where i've been tripping
another peak at what i seek helps clear the road
another death, yes i confess -
i've been fear driven
another day, another dance
awake again - here i go
sherindream lyrics
Nov 2017 · 119
i see the colors
sherindream Nov 2017
i see the colors when you walk away
i watch the ocean while the sky turns gray
i hear your laughter, but it's just the air
and yes, I am happy but just not prepared

so i felt the quiet as it filled the room
and i heard the silence but without the doom
and i watched it slowly while that flower bloomed
and i sat beside you as that guitar tuned

remember summer when we caught the sky
and that sadness melted when the wind blew by
and i never thought about those times we cried
and i found the answer written in the sky -
it was in the sky

so now our mornings, they just melt away
i hear the future tapping, "seize today"
i've always known that it would be this way
cause it's always heaven when that guitar plays
sherindream song lyrics
Nov 2017 · 439
island hopping
sherindream Nov 2017
Island hopping – Man to man
Each is sweeter than the skin
There is beauty in the brown
Dark and rooted in the ground

I can feel it deep within
Like the drumming of the skins
Those connected to the earth
Her affection towards rebirth

Cool and calm, slow and steady
Mellow mood the islands breed
Woos me in and holds me close
Tells me to love nature most

Me and her – we are like one
Close to her means key to sun
Blood that flows in me so old
Ancient as this lone soul's road

Crazy when the words don't work
And what I feel so deep - it hurts
The pounding fists beat in my gut
The chord that's ready to erupt

And you and them and earth and blood
The force that drums inside of me
When I let motion take the lead

The words will come when time is time
Like island sun when seasons dry
Love and respect all that you do
Then gratitude will be the truth
Nov 2017 · 91
it's cool, i'm fine
sherindream Nov 2017
it's been a year or so since we were dreamy
and since then, there have been more tears than smiles
you call me up and say that you don't need me
my heart feels like she's walked a thousand miles
but still she pleads and tells me that she loves you
says hold on girl, hold on with all your might
cause one day he'll wake up and see he loves you too
and that's when it'll have been worth all the fight
sherindream lyrics

— The End —