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Nov 2017
she came through, like a thief in the night
with all of the skill, but none of the fight
taunting, twisting, curling tight
she kept me soon as she gained sight

of what it was she chose to have
a chance to scrabble for my bag
my heart, she saw in time to grab
but still she went straight for the jab

but kindness is what hit me hard
the sweeping tears of steel guitars
the earthy tones that soon set in
the flute that’s whistling in the wind

to tell the story of the souls
who came before and then grew old
but first learned of the harmonies
of memorized soliloquies

the stories of the sweetest sounds
when happiness was still abound
and understood and all around
was faith brand new in form of sound

but she will always bring me back
this answer to my heart attack
she’s like a warm touch to my skin
the beauty that words just won’t bring

she is my lover and my friend
so all else then, is just pretend
the only thing that sets me free
the rhythm and the melody
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