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Nov 2017
hold up?  you're trying to register me??
with your weak ***, fake pretend democracy..
you think that history'll repeat?
but the perspective from you box is limited and bleak..
you don't see where we're at now -
but you can feel the vibe has changed somehow..
you're followed by an angry crowd -
but still, whispers of hearts are getting loud..
i wonder - if somehow you can hear?  
what calls out to you beneath the fear??
your wounds are out for all to see
and they're aimed like daggers, straight at me
but i can take it - bring it on
i'll just 'fight' you with one more peace song..
see, i can - cause it's the land of the free
and sorry - that means free for you AND for me
so come - let's battle - i am armed
with truth and all else that trumps wrong
you can not know what you have sparked..
i'm on a mission, let's embark
we'll rip down these tethered times
and we'll come to battle with our rhymes
we'll catapult your stupid walls
and watch this **** injustice fall
i can see it now, clear in my head
a land that's free - where all are fed
and there's no need to cheat or steal
and no wound is still left unhealed
where everyone is in their peace
and all the dark has been released
just close your eyes now, and try to see
the end road, it's true unity
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