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Nov 2017
It's so beautiful when I step outside
The trees are swaying from side to side
It's almost sunset, bout 5:45
I'm just relaxing – glad to be alive

The birds are singing – palms are highin 5's
The fish are swimming – bugs are buzzin by
I'm finally winning – thank God, it's about time
I feel like singing – the sun just waved goodbye

I'm out here talking to my friend, the earth
She says, "Wo!, slow down before you get hurt –
See how the ocean just sits there like the dirt?
See how the clouds drift – softer than the earth?

And what's the hurry? Where you trying to get?
Why all the worry? Doesn't make much sense.
Here in the moment. How bout love instead?
Of all those fingers pointing some old dread?"

I smile and thank her and of course, she's right
There can't be love with all the fight
Just look around my dear friends cry
Don't let the beauty pass you by

Kaho'olawe is so very pink
My center as I sit and think
Of all the things I want to see
Of all the love right here for me

So drop the mind and tap the heart
This island's shown me where to start
From here, there's nothing left to do
But sit and smile and be with you
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