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shayla ennis Dec 2019
sensory overload
to much noise
so much light

the living life
the dying

a heart beat
a breath
sensory overload

walking hurts
hearing agonizing
seeing to much

sensory overload

the light of day
the darkest of night
all to bright

the middle ground
none exist
were quit rains

sensory overload

scarlet rose
dec 17,19
written in view of experencees to symptoms called sensory overload
shayla ennis Aug 2019
The summer heat always Pleasant,
Always kind,
Always sincere,
As fall comes summer fades,
A breeze,  a chill arises,
We can smell winter in the air,
The cold becomes strong,
Lack of warmth increases,
Thus then we see spring around the corner
shayla ennis Aug 2019
The tide of life always shifting and changing, had become confusing and filled with turmoil without rest. I see the gate being flooded by uncertainty and hesitation. The ideas that should slow coming to a stop, leaving false paths of hope and truth. Whilist the rain falls and the clouds turn grey, I wonder where my path should truly start or stop. Can one such as I truly have hope of dreams completion. Should I Ponder unto a revelation without point of view that is clear. Can this singular soul /spirit exist within a false world of life. Where does the truth truly lie, and where does the lie truly begin. We as individuals see only what is shrouded blinding ourselves to the unshrouded. For to see the truth is to see one's falseness and lies. One's true soul/heart.
Date:  june 13, 2019
shayla ennis Jun 2019
A shadow do I see
No figure Within
A shadow so still
Yet there is a voice

Come to us

It speaks
It repeats

We do not understand
Yet we are drawn to do as it asks
We follow the Shadow The Voice

Before us a new place
A place unheard-of
A place never spoken

We walk through the store that seems invisible to all but us
We find ourselves in a world confounded

This place a mystery
Yet we enjoy
A fictional world come to life

A fantasy now reality

By Scarlett Rose
June 19th 20019
Fictional truth
shayla ennis May 2019
The lost soul is a missing spirit
A wondering absence
With darkness does is flee
Without light does it hope

Soul does it seek a place
Somewhere to belong
In darkness does it pray
Running from light

Knowledge of death
Visions of loss
Memories of what once was real
Knowing all is gone but it

Alone this soul seeks
Without physical form

This spirit wonders
It seeks
The darkness
Were light cannot go

Will it find the answers it hopes for
A dark place to belong

   by scarlet rose 5/21/19
shayla ennis May 2019
The day is long,
The warmth of the Sun,
Across one skin makes for a day the idea of, happiness,
As sadness grows,
We can see,
No need to smile,
No need to express,
No need to feel,
We hear the laughter,
We hear the squeals,
yet we do not respond,
For within us oh heart is numb our mind cold,
The idea of happiness due to the Summer sun is only a dream without reality
this is about a day were i felt reality yet was not apart of it do to mental illness and being in own mind far away from truth.
shayla ennis Feb 2019
The ancient moon
The cry of the wolf
        The heralding of the owl
        Knowledge of the raven

   We of the dark always listen
      We here the unknown
     We are the rivals of day
       Unwanted by many

When we speak we only speak truth
Tho you call them lies
Your mind covered in a shroud
To honest are we that it breaks many

With time you have forgotten
We have not
You say we are fiction
Tho we are real

Will you heed our warnings?
Will you ignore them?
You must decide

Child of dark and light
Who has become the power of chaos?
scarlet rose 2019
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