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Aug 2019
The tide of life always shifting and changing, had become confusing and filled with turmoil without rest. I see the gate being flooded by uncertainty and hesitation. The ideas that should slow coming to a stop, leaving false paths of hope and truth. Whilist the rain falls and the clouds turn grey, I wonder where my path should truly start or stop. Can one such as I truly have hope of dreams completion. Should I Ponder unto a revelation without point of view that is clear. Can this singular soul /spirit exist within a false world of life. Where does the truth truly lie, and where does the lie truly begin. We as individuals see only what is shrouded blinding ourselves to the unshrouded. For to see the truth is to see one's falseness and lies. One's true soul/heart.
Date:  june 13, 2019
shayla ennis
Written by
shayla ennis  36/Androgynous/northampton ma
(36/Androgynous/northampton ma)   
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