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shayla ennis Feb 2019
The ancient moon
The cry of the wolf
        The heralding of the owl
        Knowledge of the raven

   We of the dark always listen
      We here the unknown
     We are the rivals of day
       Unwanted by many

When we speak we only speak truth
Tho you call them lies
Your mind covered in a shroud
To honest are we that it breaks many

With time you have forgotten
We have not
You say we are fiction
Tho we are real

Will you heed our warnings?
Will you ignore them?
You must decide

Child of dark and light
Who has become the power of chaos?
scarlet rose 2019
shayla ennis Jun 2018
Azure waves,
Tempestuous silica air,
Dusky woodlands and brooks,
Ithaca’s bluff,
Herb covered cliffs,
Bitter fantasies of crystal and sea,
We Greeks of no freedom and home,
We slaves of misfortune,
For the sun as abandoned us,
The war as destroyed us,
Here our cry’s for salvation and truth,
Here us beg for what has been taken to be returned,
Let this war end,
Let this pain disperse,
Let our city be rebuilt,
Let our people survive and grow,
Be gone god of war and misfortune
shayla ennis Dec 2017
Can death be irrelevant ?
Does death truly exist?
Looking through a fogged window.
I see a shadow.
Fear runs through my veins.
The knowing that death has come.
Can one run from death, this truth.
He is here, he knows all.
Yet when facing him fear becomes irrelevant.
For there is nothing to be afraid of .
A figure in black.
Q ghostly spirit that wanders.
Realm to realm.
Waiting for souls.

by scarlet rose
date: 12/19/17
shayla ennis Dec 2017
A women dressed in vivid red
A hall covered in black
Candles lit everywhere
Frames with missing faces
Faces missing from paintings
Splatters of blood that run making a river
A ghostly soul that wanders looking for revenge
Shattered screams unheard by outside world
Cries of a women dressed in vivid red
A black raven on her shoulder
Black tears on her face
White snow at her feet
A shadowed vestige of the unavenged that follow her
A casket lays empty
A stone un marked
A tree of black rose that bleed
Souls that cry to her there sorrow
Her need to seek vengeance in their names
A women dressed in vivid red
Who seeks her own revenge

by scarlet rose
date: 12/19/17
shayla ennis Sep 2017
To be gothic
Always wear black
Always be gloomy
Always be sad
Always be vengeful
Always, always
That is what they expect

I am gothic
Not gloomy
not sad
none of these things am I

why do they say this?
why do they expect it?
I do not know

To be gothic is just that to be
Something other than what is expected
Something that is strange

We are a free persons
This is good
not bad
So stop with the trash talk
Stop with the dishonor
Stop with the fake friendship
For it will hurt you not us

We are aware of your tricks
We cannot be fooled
For we are the ones who fool you
And trick you
This is our world
Our game of chess
And you will lose

The shadows are ours
The light is ours
The chaos is ours
The world belongs to use

By scarlet rose/blackrose
shayla ennis Jul 2017
The darkness in my soul.
To mask the despair, malice, and agony.
Falling away into the unforgiving darkness.
To be a more desirable darkness than the one before.
Superior to all that has ever been done before.
To hearing the ancient banshee’s cry.
To a high born blood’s death.
Whom will die.
A casket be filled.
To many fiery tears do fall, heated, smoking, white-hot do they fall.
Soul and heart navigate a stormy, frenzied current.
A torrent of pain traversing the bruised and damaged cosmos.
Terrified, petrified of the dark.
Malignant sprites, demons that plague the fearful.
Nightfall shadows that wail.

By scarletrose
date: 7-19-17
if you want to see the full scale of what i did with this poem please visit scarlet rose dragon at through the use of pictures and the use of powerpoint).
shayla ennis Nov 2016
Could never believe it to be true
Never thought it possible
The other half of me gone
The other part of my soul missing

Never given a chance to know
My brother

All just disappeared into darkness
Tears I cry keep falling
Missing a peace of my heart

My heart not completely whole
Cut in half
Each of us holding a peace of me

Do flowers grow in heaven
A garden of eden

Day by day
How can this be true
Week by week
Never got a chance to say farewell
Month by month
No memories do I have of us
Of you
Year by year
You’ll guide me helping me to see

To see you once more
Knowing its impossibility
You’re just gone
No farewell no goodbye

By Scarlet rose
this is to the brother i never will know
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