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 Sep 19 Semihten5
 Sep 19 Semihten5

Her hands aren't the prettiest
She bites her nails to cope
Cope from her anxiety
To cope from her fear of the future, to cope because her life is just so messed up,
She feels so numb and so empty, she's got two things to cheer her up
Which is her girl and her dog
Yet her girl is so far away,
As her pillow gets drenched in her tears, she can't stop crying, it's as a tap was left open
 Aug 25 Semihten5
Deb Jones
In the night, after a noise filled day,
the world gets quiet
and the only thing you hear
is your heartbeat.
Learn the sound of it.
Otherwise, you will never know
what it’s trying to say.
but, when I run.
will you run?
 Aug 11 Semihten5
Dark Dream
Where does this desire belong?
Carnality of Casual
Visual or Charitable
Is there a long-term Resilience
or just an entertainment
Awaiting Constancy
Itching to disturb
The gentle balance
Yet the temptation is Resisted
Holding back while
Craving the Reveal
hesitations on each side
solitude continues
distance remains
placation or Trust
All that is Required
is More, HA!
At the end of the night
When I am drifting to sleep
It is always you in my dreams

At the end of the day
When I'm down and tired
It is you who gives me life

At the end of it all
When I look back on my life
It'll be memories of you flashing by
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