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17h · 1
Semihten5 17h
I left a space for you in my world
everyone was laugh to me
17h · 8
Semihten5 17h
sky doesn't know yet
what is wait earth
17h · 6
Semihten5 17h
premature smiles would
big mistake for the world
the wheather changes suddenly
waits storms
17h · 8
Semihten5 17h
the last collectors are gone
now here desolate desert
there are whistles of winds
scary landscapes
Semihten5 17h
cold a thorn bush
you don't know how burning
deep pain
the weakest is shot
Semihten5 17h
at the end of the dance
in eyes
heart fire grows
17h · 17
Semihten5 17h
need a whistle in the lonely streets
we should wake up from the dark dreams
should stay from rough seas

now should be aware of life
17h · 12
Semihten5 17h
not much as changed yet
the wheels are turning
take note to a place
17h · 14
Semihten5 17h
the night was a stubborn stain
in the hearts
our  buried in darkness was countless
by ***** hands
ıt was inevitable to be questioned
by bottoms eyes
17h · 12
Semihten5 17h
live away from everything
for know yourself
if you can't find anything there too
you know who
17h · 8
Semihten5 17h
I guess the day is going down
you are go,ng
two big missing
the world is getting dark

I guess there will be a storm
the world and you is silent
two big signs
calm befor major damage

I guess sea will swell
the sea and you are retreating
two great absences
threat to the shore
17h · 12
Semihten5 17h
the man kicked the loneliness out of the room
heard a footstep
he was lookiing for a cotton
Semihten5 17h
was empty
ready for silence
now new a day
live waiting always everybody

road was ready now live
road empty silence day everybody
17h · 1
Semihten5 17h
the tip of arrow
inelegant threat
Semihten5 17h
wave to yourself
in the middle of the ocean
17h · 15
Semihten5 17h
a mountaintop
calls sometimes
breaks us from crowded
shore of cliff

escape to loneliness
whether heart
away from the blow

pays the price
to every step
2d · 38
among both
all the people
someone in the sky
someone on the earth
2d · 36
remember me
remember me different from everyone else
his heart never suffered
tell to people
it is not important to be believable
2d · 211
life (DRAFT)
on a mirror
faint faces
time was a secret hand
traces left behind

you are on the first step
yet your comrade is dreams

dark corridors will come on the roads

life was only unknown
2d · 270
a guard
the sun lost
wait tomorrow
the night comes with slowly steps
like a guard to torture
6d · 98
roads are my friends
you know perhaps passenger
yet night do not come
what is question
for walking
6d · 328
I spent my life emphasizing  a mistake
our face did not change by going to the hairdresser
old reflections still remain in the waters
Oct 17 · 355
Semihten5 Oct 17
this is my last song
no crowded
like desert is streets
but never important
reality was not changed
Oct 7 · 112
Semihten5 Oct 7
cry for without tomorrow world
we are walking in a dark corridor
bravo to those who have fearless steps

but the cliffs are innumarable
Sep 22 · 329
Semihten5 Sep 22
black is not night
your eyes but you do not know
always on my mind
you can not erase your traces

I am looking for a moment
your soul does not care
I chain myself
do not push too hard you can not solve

your statements
drives everyone crazy
lost times
do not bother you can not bring it back

never do not  worry
teh world is spinning fast
do not think anything different
life ends you can not say stop
Sep 19 · 241
my invitation
Semihten5 Sep 19
I am in trouble
no  objection, I am waitng for you too
this is my invitation only to you

I am on a deserted road
I am walking next to your dream an longing
come, my invitation to our journey

I am in  a dark room
I want to see things countless
my invitation is to no one but you

I am in a cold climate
deep painful your absence
my invitation to your presence
Sep 14 · 222
Semihten5 Sep 14
not timeless storms
what you have collected so far

an arrow seeks its the target
you were target this time
Sep 8 · 76
Semihten5 Sep 8
What a pain to be an aye in poor light
sometimes success does not come by force
if what a need human
it does not know until nobody was gone
Sep 2 · 142
Semihten5 Sep 2
separation was sleep on a board with nails
death for those who  do not know the tecnique
Aug 29 · 77
a question
Semihten5 Aug 29
your eyes were a sweet dream for me
now I swim in the sea
can I go back to shore

a question to you

(for Deb)
Aug 28 · 334
Semihten5 Aug 28
leave the most  important for later
let them think you forgot
sometimes the sun rises late
let them blame the clouds
Aug 25 · 104
Semihten5 Aug 25
stagnant rivers brought
you were always going fast
you did not expect
that is why you did not see

the story is just that
Aug 24 · 433
Semihten5 Aug 24
on a mirror
faint faces
time was a secret hand
traces left behind

you are on the first step
yet your comrade is dreams

dark corridors will come on the roads

life was only unknown
Aug 20 · 92
Kurz gesagt
Semihten5 Aug 20
warte beim letzten *******br>schau dir die Warnleuchten  an
die Raben greifen noch nicht an
verlier nicht deine Hoffnung

Was werden sie morgen sagen?
denk nicht drüber nach

Kurz gesagt, jedes Wort reicht im Leben nicht aus
Aug 18 · 92
Semihten5 Aug 18
a dark night  was outside of me
it was you inside me who lights up the night like moonlight
who called the clouds
Aug 16 · 68
Semihten5 Aug 16
most of us knew
every road ends at one point
Aug 16 · 369
Semihten5 Aug 16
I did not picked  flowers for anyone
They are thiink
Aug 11 · 51
Semihten5 Aug 11
sky was dark
we thinked without stars
we were so far from there
we got very close in dreams
Aug 8 · 494
a story
Semihten5 Aug 8
the most dream was in my heart
I could not carry
hard facts was  tired
I remember a  freight train
it was as old its mechanic

a story was every moment
now I am write
Jul 25 · 299
for end
Semihten5 Jul 25
the last winds took you
that is  why I do not like endings
few more sentences left for end
but I can not hold the pen
Jul 14 · 243
Semihten5 Jul 14
no secret
after the walls colapsed
our souls will be free
never will be ask who left the doors open
Jul 14 · 76
Semihten5 Jul 14
it was the that made us tired
the problem was the time that did not stop
who would be held accountable

everything was a scream now echoing in the desolate
no one heard
Jul 14 · 71
my world
Semihten5 Jul 14
My indifference drowns in your frost
ny sluggish departures  always quietly
my leaf falls heavily
I carve my name on your tree
I draw your picture on the water

my world was only you
Jul 13 · 133
Semihten5 Jul 13
we fell for the noise of dry tight lives
whereas heroes stay away from gaps
the wind extinguished the faint light of legends
finally we got some bad news always
Jul 12 · 158
in mirrors
Semihten5 Jul 12
life has no recipe
you do not know why the stars are far away
you stopped loving yesterday yet
you can not smile in mirrors again
Jul 11 · 36
love fire
Semihten5 Jul 11
it was not difficult to withstand atmospheric  ptessure in the world
the pain of separation was enough for us
was faster than the speed of light love fire
we did not understan how we got bumped
Jul 7 · 121
a short road
Semihten5 Jul 7
the hooves's sounds of horses running your inside
many mixed with the howling wind
whips were a cold slap
there was no getting tired until to target
Jul 6 · 60
Semihten5 Jul 6
think about it again
how much did you fix your life
are you still looking for broken toy

life is a choice
we left it as it is
what is left over
Jul 6 · 133
Semihten5 Jul 6
moon behind cloud
wolves on lurk
listen to the desolation
the universe in the deep sleep

take another sip
want from life of cycle
erything in its own fiction
Jun 28 · 201
road and they are
Semihten5 Jun 28
other lights was on our roads
for us  only obstacle
they while dimming our light
it was hard to drive dreams
while dazzled
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