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Semihten5 Aug 2017
which side
no a sign
road and the heart
they always gives the decision
since ancient times is the case

secrets hidden in the day of alaways
Semihten5 Jul 2017
deep speech
meaning in eye
not any supposed know
in a short time zone
it is believed as life long

because it moment the meaning of life
Semihten5 Apr 14
was empty
ready for silence
now new a day
live waiting always everybody

road was ready now live
road empty silence day everybody
Semihten5 17h
was empty
ready for silence
now new a day
live waiting always everybody

road was ready now live
road empty silence day everybody
Semihten5 Mar 21
went now
you are ready
will dark for night
see  new, different, unkown views waiting
suddenly turn from the light a sequence

sun went you will see suddenly
sun now ready night waiting sequence
Semihten5 Mar 27
color disappeared
wasnt you know
always facts are different
less lies adorn wild world

see color wasnt always less
see disappeared know different world
Semihten5 Jun 2017
Semihten5 Jun 2017
the fragility of pottery
the weight of lead in the air
birds such insensitivity
a note on a page
in a low voice echoes
who says ,what is beyond
on stormy seas journey
nightmare from which the awakening
a after
Semihten5 Oct 2017
and sky
        very nice
but you are sadly tired
                a bird said that
Semihten5 Oct 2017
   ne                                  know
        was             ­      you           see
               bro       do
Semihten5 Jun 2017
apathetic  dirt
seen steep
roasted shadow
enlarges obstacle
wild areas
who sweeps
broken stories
did this happen yesterday
people still what can you expect
Semihten5 Sep 2017
give me your eyes
I can see your dreams
you take my glasses
if necessary you look

to light a fire
waiting for the sun
the darkness of the night
always for secret
Semihten5 Jul 2017
the only exit was the backdoor
it is stonewall too
they ouietly laughed
all the glasses were broken

misty was came ouestions
he was cleaned at own subglass
he said that blazing sun
shadows disappeared from the fear

the story's tail was long
shepherd was cut,it is shortened
Semihten5 Jul 2019
a shadow recumbent to the wall
the wall was bring down with a big noise

the cat"s problem was not the wall
hiding behind the wall was the hunter"s trick

the wall would not know the cat and the hunt
the shadow never thought  had tear down the wall
Semihten5 Oct 2017
very colours
a world
you think

so in your face always absurd smiles
Semihten5 Oct 2017
they weighted the scales
we counted no casualties

who coughed missing
we've received word from the inside

wingless birds sent
for lush deserts
we don't know when

absurd world is there
Semihten5 Sep 2017
each cage size is different
according to residents

the size of each coffin is different
according to death
Semihten5 Aug 2017
what concers me is not the day
excited to be a moment in the day
Semihten5 Aug 2017
when it comes to mind you
a hand touches my shoulder
reminds ones
a ****** civil war
hard and cruel
a heavy defeat
how is forgotten

when I am looking to my hearts in ruins
I can feel what
according to you

the big our love is only a story now
Semihten5 Aug 2017
Semihten5 Apr 2018
a crackpot
in too deep
why is important
invisible from outside
Semihten5 Apr 2018
the time of your hangman
you will be out of breath
everyone will live differently in the last minute

the hangman will do his duty
public will follow the painting
is the death row inmate ready to die

those who rule the death penalty in the background
Semihten5 Sep 2019
let the wind blow from all sides
there are dry leaves waiting
it is no hard to skid
there must be away for getting there

it is not necessary to ask
the secret of every step is different
even if everything goes wrong
captain at helm,adequate
Semihten5 Nov 2017
there's been a ****** here just now
no don't seach for the body
the wounded souls are invisible

internal bleeding is more dangerous
in some cases fingerprints are not found
the eyes pulled the trigger

it was a different story every love
Semihten5 Aug 2017
I can't wait you understand me
my biggest secret is this,
I don't understand myself sometimes even

we have to admit
what we understand in life
Semihten5 Jun 2017
spooky scream
broken mirrors
a cold face
unhappiness everywhere

a game is being played
obvious drama
we are both spectators and actors

the scene in the universe
infinite background

what did you expecting
Semihten5 Apr 16
butterfly's dream
Semihten5 Sep 2017
you should ask from a tight fist eaters
how  real awakening
not from writers love
of the living knows

you should learn the truth from the liars
real is in which behind the curtain
you must have to  value to give experience
wrongs damage to people
Semihten5 Jul 2018
always  you can't be the best
it's time for the worst
the important thing is not losing the balance of life
we are aerialist,my love
Semihten5 Jul 2017
our the difficult moment into our gazes
and the looks of others
a far cry

suddenly hear a bitter news
and feel the fire
a far cry

look at the picture
and understand to painter
a far cry

overcome an obstacle
and never be tired
a far cry

touch one's favorite
and go to another world
a far cry

Semihten5 Aug 2017
the most difficult convince
for waves
endure in the face of coastal
Semihten5 Aug 2017
on a pit mirror
surprised faces
when they realized
Semihten5 Jul 2017
don't let to dark
you burn a light

never thinking of the difficulty in the night
tomorrow the sun will rise again
Semihten5 Oct 2018
You don't think anything
perhaps you are right
the target is already confused
what do you do if you don't shoot?
Semihten5 Oct 2017
broken laughters
in the pit mirrors
if you've noticed
great illusions
in the size of time
Semihten5 Aug 2017
stand up with on waves
until the harbor
Semihten5 Nov 2017
one day
it all ends
a brutal storm
from the root
humming sky
what it say
the anger of the people pollutes the earth
Semihten5 Jul 2017
you can not be so sure
regarding the last point
Semihten5 Aug 2017
there have been muggings obvious
naked,vulnerable hearts
everyone is insensitive
do you know what is next
Semihten5 Aug 2017
a hammer looks for nail
a nail-wall
a frame hammer,nail,wall

sometimes one is missing
gets up to fill in for someone else
Semihten5 Jul 2017
sinking us deeper is the day's oldest now
time does georaphy changes
very large dropouts are lives
you can't come into the same place again
Semihten5 Oct 2017
be an end in eternity
half-comedy semi-serious
Semihten5 Aug 2017
stretch a bow
it is difficult
leave a bow
Semihten5 Aug 2017
there are so much desolate places on this planet
not in the deserts in the hearts
a big void's within

so I know deeps
not in the seas in the stories
never unknown
Semihten5 Nov 2017
Semihten5 Aug 2017
a human can speak with a star
with other people can't speak things

for some reason
Semihten5 Oct 2017
if a node you can't solve
error use your hand
you need to use your heart
you never knew
Semihten5 Aug 2017
a fog
on a  deserted road
who have to walk

each step unconscious
in an ancient cave
what is fire on

a simple act to go
the results heavy
time is a death sentence
Semihten5 Aug 2017
the water is puts out the fire/the water becomes steam on fire
Semihten5 Aug 2017
a shadow  withdraws at  the end
quiet and calm
pursuant to the laws of the game
everyone has to play
breath is left
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