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May 2017 · 308
Selena Irulan May 2017
Sometimes I wonder if my ambition is too much. The word success is what I eat for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. I breath goals and unknown destinations. Roads that lead in different directions. I Hope for opportunities that lead me one step closer to a dream worth holding. I've lost  people I've known my entire life due to my selfishness. Or maybe it was my intent motivation. So maybe one day once I've reached my destination we can all reunite as one to talk about our accomplishments.
Dec 2014 · 537
The best of me
Selena Irulan Dec 2014
Without a promise in this cold world
You carried me
9 months without guarantee for
What the future held
You believed in me before I could
Believe in myself
The core of my soul all started with your love
You reading me books as you as you
Rocked in the rocking chair
You put your life behind you
Just to give me a chance
To see a life worth living
A life that you felt you didn’t have yourself

Without a promise in the world
You raised me for 18 years
Not knowing what the future held
You taught me how to be a woman
How to value my true self
Raised me like a Queen because you
Showed me royalty and loyalty
I can’t ever show you my gratitude
There is not enough gold or money
In the world to pay you back

Now you have a promise in this world
I will always love you I will never abandon you
Because there is no greater bond than
What a daughter has with her mother
No one will ever replace you in my
Heart my memory or my soul
I know God exists
I see it through your energy
Your courage your strength
Your giving nature
Your will to carry on and live life
To leave the past behind you
And to see a brighter path
You give me strength to be the
Best I can be
No matter what I accomplish
You will always be
The best part of me
Mar 2014 · 306
Secrets Out
Selena Irulan Mar 2014
There's this secret I've been holding on to for far too long
It makes my heart heavy
like a bridge with a ton of cars.
My heart is in a cage surrounded by bars
as my heart gnawed trying to break free
Sometimes I found myself filled with dismay at all the chances
I had to speak but I didn't have the
courage to say because I was weak.
I've been in love with you for 4 years and I hope that you feel the same way.
But it's a little to late now to know
because you're resting in peace...
Since you've been gone I've learned to tell
people how I truly feel and to not wait so **** long..
Jan 2014 · 465
Selena Irulan Jan 2014
It's a Sunday night and you
watch the stars shine so bright
getting lost in them that it makes
your life seem alright for the moment

when your eyes leave the sky reality strikes and
you're back to that hell hole of a life where dreams
continue to die

Sometimes its had to get by day by
day with a fake smile on your face
in love with the darkness because no
one can relate

Sometimes it’s nice to sit in the rain.
Even to just relieve the pain
I dream of happiness, a life without pain,
but everyday it's a shame

life is short and very frail.
living in a world filled with
changes each and everyday

Every year i hope for a change
that never comes
I don't know when to let go.
All I know is I'm in it for the journey,
To give me more and more.

I believe more in my heart than my mind.
That i'll have that dream and be happy again
Dec 2013 · 468
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
Life is a mysterious journey
From the cradle to the grave
We don’t know what happens after death..

We have feelings,emotions and longings
but we are nobody’s belongings

Everyone should transform to old age
In the end feels depressed and alone

The rain sprinkles our heart
We are a part of nature’s art
We should enjoy the beauty of nature

We relish every aspect of her feature
Writing poetry is a great art

It should touch our hearts
Our life span may be short
But we should make it smart

Our life on earth is not permanent
We should believe that it is transient
We don’t know when our life ends

One day the e-mail God sends
We should open it gracefully
We will have lived our life meaningfully
Dec 2013 · 658
I Know Now
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
You taught me the truth & how to be like someone else
other than myself. its strange how i cant find the words
in my head to describe the feelings i felt

I've known you my whole life so why can't i do so ?
Everyday i grow from obstacles I've faced learning
things at first i couldn't relate now i know faith is how
i live victoriously.

The words that I've been looking for
Were found among my tears
But I've quickly wiped them all away
And hidden them for years

will my demons hide from you? just look at who
i have become i'm so ashamed you were the one
that made me feel the way i do

You've sealed my lips with a thousand kisses
Kisses I didn't deserve, Wishes that never came true
Voices that weren't heard because you failed to listen

Truth is you were twisted..
I wanted to tell you a million times
But every time i looked into your eyes
I couldn't find the nerve

I know now that looks can be
deceiving and misleading
Dec 2013 · 461
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
They say "A picture's worth a thousand words,"
and  it's true.
Pictures tell of things that happened.
They tell emotions, struggles and missing pieces to puzzles
They catch you in your truest form and
you cannot lie,
not then or now,
because pictures never die.
Pictures are too clear sometimes--
Too harsh, revealing details
We left blurred in our minds.
A picture is a freeze in time;
Words, that can't be spoken.
But the one thing I like the most,
Pictures don't lie...
You can't hide your feelings in a picture.
And you can't lie to the camera.

So many memories from this life
And some will be forgotten but they're
a time in the past because pictures always last
Dec 2013 · 597
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
This anguish is so unreal. I forgot it was there.
I never needed anything as badly as I need to stop this.
My thoughts running astray, my mood grey.
You calling me names, saying i was insane.
I'm so scared of myself now.
What could i do next ?
I drink for different reasons but
the outcome is always hell
I need to relax but my thoughts keep reeling back
To the end of the night.
Screaming at you? I wasn't even angry.
Just under the influence blankly
alcohol makes you see the world
as it is in truth, and what you see in its absence.

I'm sorry I scared you, too i had no clue..
Dec 2013 · 1.9k
Wake up
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
My mind never sleeps my thoughts defeat me.
I just need some sleep.
my head spinning round and
round like a merry go round.
how do you sleep with a broken heart when
the one you want is so far gone?
Thoughts control my emotions leaving
me open. My mind is effortless it
leaves my breathless. its amazing how our
hearts and minds work.
A wonderful creation of art graven.
We all have the same functions
but different conjunctions.
When the mind never sleeps
the soul slowly departs the body
leaving an empty shell where once a
person dwelled.
Sometimes i feel like my life is a dream.
At 3 am i'm tossing and turning laying
Hoping one day i'll finally wake up and be stress free.
Dec 2013 · 498
My Hatred
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
I don't know what to do anymore.
I always feel so sore.
Like someone is stepping on my heart.
Or piercing me with a thousand swords
That empty feeling in my heart wasn't always
there until i believed your words
i let you into my life, knowing **** well
i shouldn't have opened those doors
People always make me feel so ******.
Do i look like i want your pity?
Forgiving isn't so easy, so why do you think
you should have me again completely ?
My hatred is in my eyes
Which causes me to see through your lies.
Dec 2013 · 893
Puzzle Piece
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
If you were a puzzle,
I'd take you apart
and carefully analyze each piece.
It'd be a challenge to learn every part,
how they fit in together, and why,
a fun little game of you.
I'd begin to know the real you.
The mystery part in which i had no clue
Everything you hide, i'd find
But while I was playing this game,
forgive me if I maybe-
just maybe-
slip a piece into my pocket
(it was an accident I swear),
so that whenever you're being put back together,
you wouldn't be whole without me.
Dec 2013 · 486
Dark Side Of Love
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
In many ways we are so close
yet always out of reach
Defenses we both put in place
that neither one could breach

Though put in place to keep us safe
from pain and fear and doubt
They have the added side effect
of keeping others out

When finally I crossed your path
and wished to set you free
The gates were locked so long ago
you could not find the key

And so this space between you and I
remains unto this day
I sit and wait while you decide
if there’s another way

In the depths of my mind,
Everything was figured out
And I was sure of how we would be:
A typical couple infused with happiness,
With lives that were worry free…

Is this how it is meant to be?
That when one finds true happiness,
The struggles begin to run deep?
That the little things begin to grow in power,
Causing everything I imagined to simply be devoured?

Can it be true, that I was wrong,
That love does more than set your heart free?

Well…as I lay here and
Await for the answer to strike from above,
I will continue the path I've chosen,
And refuse to believe in the dark side of love.
Dec 2013 · 599
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
i feel so artificial
i need to break down the barrier
the wall is in my way
it can't be broken
it can't be broken

it's been there so long
since before we remember
can it be gone
it can't be broken
it can't be broken

i pace to and from
banging on the wall
i want to bring it down
it won't oblige me
it can't be broken
it can't be broken

my feet begin to falter
they curl up beneath me
i'm defeated
i retreat back inside
it can't be broken

it can't be broken
Dec 2013 · 3.0k
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
We never know when our
time is ticking to an end.
I've lost count of my sins.
Whether that day is tomorrow,
next week or in 10 years
i'm ready to be judged for my sins.
Holding his hand as he departed,
he says i'll see you again
and we'll finish what we started.
I've seen my brother
die in front of my eyes.
Tears running down my cheeks as he's placed in a body bag..
The pain he felt i felt in my chest.  
i didn't want to see him go to rest.
My heart felt heavy like concrete
but my heart beat was deep yet so empty..
i never thought something
so empty could weigh that much
But we all take part in
situations that we aren't proud of.
never thinking about the consequences
of our actions we live for today
and not tomorrows satisfaction.
I will greet death with open arms
After all aren't we all born to die?
I'm not afraid to die because
knowing that i could reunite
with everyone that I've lost
makes it seem less frightening.
But i do fear the unknown
I'm focusing on trying to be a better person.
Because in the end i know it will all be worth it.
I want to see my brother again
not just in my memories..
Being in Heaven with angels
sounds less
painful than being in hell
burning with evil demons
Dec 2013 · 383
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
I want to dive deep
Into the ocean,
just to disappear for a while.
Maybe even forever...
no one there would judge or know me
i like being lonely..
At least i could be a little happy
This pain i can no longer bare
Empty feelings in my heart
i need a breath of fresh air..
running away is never
the answer it just creates
more problems like cancer..
You have to fight the pain in order to survive to gain.
the way the water
sways my body back  
& forth east by north.
Just to lose myself in it,
Forget all the
lies guys arised
& to start living
freely with no feelings.
so the stars  can project
straight through my ceiling
into the depths of my
heart listening to music..
Dec 2013 · 408
Your my drug
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
Your my drug that i need
the substance of Love is an addictive drug.
one dose is never enough.
My heart races every time i hear your voice  
thoughts come rushing in like waves on the shore
(One beat, two)
i crave it in my mind, body and soul.
it takes a toll on me leaving me weakened by his words.
(Three beats, four)
Stories he told that didn't add up.
it just made me crave him more.
(Five beats, six)
To hear his voice whisper sweet nothings
in my ear.
i always felt like he was
throwing darts at my heart aiming to ****
i forgave over and over again
hoping one day he'd change and the pain would end
(Seven beats, eight)
Those words i use to hold so dear, now gone
Deep into the ocean they went along with those dark eyes i resent
(Nine beats, Ten ... . .)
So i ask you, where were your emotions
when we were together?
Buried deep in your mind or just known but hard to find in an ocean?
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
Innocent eyes..
but her thighs told me otherwise.
a mask over her demeanor
so no one could realize,
the pain she bestowed
when drowning under water...
her eyes were timed like an
hourglass waiting for time to un-wine
her eyes told a story of grief,
disbelief, and that she needed some relief,
the darkness her eyes beheld,
were like the dark side of the moon.
she never cried, kept a smile on her face,
no one ever knew the secrets she consumed
her wrist had scars,
as deep as the ocean
the blood was running like
the water of a thousand potions.
i can admit i miss your presence,
your beautiful smile,
and how your aura glowed in the darkness.
i wish you never committed suicide that summer morning...
Nov 2013 · 267
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
is just
a sliver
a cup
of light
in Sky
all shades
of blue
to cradle
my spine
Nov 2013 · 1.3k
Emotionless Love..
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
With No Emotions left

I feel alone

Trying to understand the meaning of why

I no longer feel the need to love

Trying to contemplate ways in which I should once again

Make myself feel the need to feel

As memories race inside an empty space that was once my heart

That you have killed

I can't imagine me being on my own

While others have taken this place that you have once called my home

I've never given up the thought

Of you being in my heart

As you twist

And turned

And Pulled

Me apart

I can no long concentrate

As this nonfeeling has sealed my fate

This seems so unfair

But my emotions were never there

From the start

I knew you had no heart

So now all of this is true

I was never after you

So please don't hate me for my sins

My emotions are held within

The thin-line of my skin

So This I must confess

Cause I wanted to get it off my chest

no less

stressing me

cause you couldn't get next to me

While the Lord kept on blessing me

So forgive me for my sins

Cause all this could have been avoided

If only you had felt what I felt

When I had emotions to cover up my welts

Of being abused from emotionless love
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
I closed my eyes
And I dream of you
Holding you
Feeling you
Molding you
Into something all our own
I closed my eyes
And I wonder
What it is that makes you
Want me
Need me
In the middle of the night
As we become one with each other
I closed my eyes
And I realized
That it is for you that I breathe
That is for you that I wake up in the morning
That is for you that I live for
So as I close my eyes tonight
I want you to know
That you are in my heart
As I close my eyes.
Nov 2013 · 589
Be You
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
You shouldn't judge a book by
its cover nor color because
what you uncover may not [BE]
what you wanted to discover
Don't underestimate someones
ability's & mind...Your just being blind
people lie, steal, cheat and **** but whats
the deal with their reputation they've sealed?
Underneath their genuine faces lie disguises of
different sizes, it'll leave you with surprises.
A dark mask like a black hole, shadows unfold,
secrets are hidden beneath their souls.
Appearances are deceiving, within time true
colors start to show. [YOU] see the cover up
realizing how naive you've been now you don't
know who to trust. Never believe every smile you see,
remember people change like the seasons for reasons.
Nov 2013 · 521
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
To love one so perfectly made
is to surely face heartache.
To look in lovely chocolate eyes
is a vow I must truly take.

I must bath in her love
In perfection I surely wade
I am hers and she is mine
our bond; eternity is laid.

Oh, to tarry with her for eternity more
is a vow I must truly take
Nov 2013 · 799
Unconditional love
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
My Love does not come from you
It is given in spite
I will love you always
no matter what our plight

You have no control over me
no actions can undo you
I must Love you forever
Even if your feelings unglue

I must forgive
I must give my whole
I cannot stop
I understand my role
Nov 2013 · 276
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
Passion burns within me
like the embers of a
thousand suns

my parents would **** me


his soft smooth skin slowly
wraps around me like a
sensual snake


I would eat from the tree
of knowledge if it
wanted me

my parents will **** me


what colors are
painted across his in
The Art of Passion
i awoke from a dream to write this poem.
Nov 2013 · 2.1k
Tearful Symmetry
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
I can still smell the lustful intentions of your cologne
in the shirt you once wore.
I regret all the meaningless battles
of a couples war.

I know you will soon be
back inside my arms.
but the voices inside of me
scream with jealous alarms

I argue with the lies
inside my head;
I know one day
we will be wed...

I cry as I kiss the ghost
of you in memory.
I know our love binds and distorts
in tearful symmetry.
Nov 2013 · 605
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
Those fantasies that thrill you
the blush burns on your face
only when the reality hits you
and the feeling fades away

You could wish upon a thousand stars
except the chance is one in a million

if only it was as easy as a dream
if only it was reality
not just a stupid fantasy
Nov 2013 · 372
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
When lies make it better
but make it burn worse

when friendship denies you
true comfort and safe

Where trust is planted
doesn't always make the flower grow

compassion and belief
shrink and die beneath the snow

defeat controls you
and that final feeling of loss

the dryness of feelings
too dry for tears

heaviness of heart
ache in mind

what would you do?
when you loose your step?
Nov 2013 · 372
Listen Closely
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
A pair of converse
Simple enough
Ratty and torn
Lying on the ground
Missing half of a shoelace
Holes near the toe

In some eyes tattered and trash
To others it is a statement of love,
But also caution
A step into the highly guarded soul

White dotted lace lines
Swerve and curl along the sides
As if they were the life lines of a palm
With each turn bringing one closer to its memories and tales

If only our shoes could talk...what would they say?

Listen closely
Nov 2013 · 483
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
Paint my life
Paint it with bright colors
Not with a brush
But with a pen

Write me an epic
Sing me a serenade
Let the words flow like water down a glacier
Pure and free

Wind rushing against the autumn burnt trees
Its voice howling, moaning with warning of Jack Frost in her midst

A piece of me dies
Along with the season
A new phase of life begins
A time to embrace
Nov 2013 · 343
The Woman Who is
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
In the shadows she is strong
but the sunlight hides her truth
She blooms in the winter
but scurries from the spring
knowledge of faith
doors to freedom
further they open
for her to just walk through
but yet she stays
watching it open and close
like the talking mouths of people
who come to see her
then leave
She is the girl who is
the one who holds her own
she doesn't want the search light to shine on her
or the ocean of change to move her
she is contempt
yet yearning for more
afraid to just reach out and grab it
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
Sometimes i need a hug
not a lecture  
not even a drug
someone to comfort me
and say that im a blessing.
It's Depressing how one
makes sadness a trend when
it's a serious issue that needs to end.
Pain, discomfort
and helplessness
are side effects, you just can't rest..(i've tried)
i want to be held in warm
arms of muscle and gentleness.
Whisper in my ear sweet nothings
A deep voice so forgiving but torture.
i get tired of people wanting
me for what i have
and not for who i truly am.
Material things aren't ****.
My worth and morals are who i am.
Don't take me for granted like
you did the other girls because im
worth more than pearls.
i want you to feel what i feel
and not be able to heal.
kneel at my feet and worship me like a queen.
Remember Irene?
She was bad for you
and you claimed to love her so much
until she cheated on you
leaving you lying in the dirt.
Queens deserve the highest honors,
and respect don't ever forget that silhouette.
Curves so magical her
body a work of art.
It should be painted on a canvas of her heart
Nov 2013 · 315
Failing Heart
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
Beauty lies deep with in
Although we may not always defend
With the heart you never want to pretend
Seek out the beauty to the living end
My heart is blank script ready to be written
The beat is gone
It just wanting for the melody to come along
An empty casket ready to be filled
My heart is ready to be claimed
I am ready to be tamed
Come find me
You have two feet
Every time I search or come near
You run away in fear
I’m done chasing
My heart is in no condition to keep this pace up
Your time of me looking for you is up
Don’t shed a tear my heart is hear
But it is not moving so don’t miss out
Cause I’m not going to hold out
Nov 2013 · 421
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
I am not actually alive
Really it is true I am not actually alive

You think I am because I look and breathe like I am alive but deep down inside I am dead like a cut flower that lies in a vase.

Sitting the there bestowed upon you to gaze at in glory for the few days I have left with my beauty before it wilts and shows you my true colors.

The dry aridness of this place has withered up my body and soul.  

The cold has reached my heart, I am only with myself laughing out the true colors of my joy and mixing my sour tears of sorrow.

I am a woman of defeat that has reached his end. separated from my foundation I am no longer alive.

I lay here surviving on what is left stowed away before my better half was cut from me.
Nov 2013 · 384
Dream & Nightmare
Selena Irulan Nov 2013
I lay in bed and i hear the rain
coming down on  my window pane.
it sounds so peaceful and calm.
But memories come back haunting
me more and more..
So send for an angel to watch
over me while i sleep.
Keep all the doors and windows locked
so his soul wont bother me.
he'll knock and shout open the door please.
His voice is so sweet but mean.
i'll crawl under my covers as he beats
once he's in i'll scream. He hovers over me
just when he's about to make his move
i awaken from my dream.
Nightmares the scare i cannot bare
save me from despair.
Oct 2013 · 1.1k
Your Kisses
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Your kisses are sins
Your kisses feel good against my skin
your kisses are deadly like poison
your kisses are deep like the ocean
your kisses express emotion
Your kisses are my potion
Your kisses give me devotion
Your kisses are loyal whispers
Will i ever get to taste them again?
Oct 2013 · 411
Be Wise
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Your kisses were deadly like poison.
Emotions are in oceans
if you think about all
The people who've died in
them unseemly unnoticed.
I was focused on your
eyes because i could see the lies,
betrayed at
16 your mind wonders with ease
so please save your lies, my cries, and be wise.
Oct 2013 · 1.4k
Life's Journey
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Everybody needs inspiration and a soul.
But remembrance is sometimes untold..
Life isn't meant to be easy, just a journey through the scenery.
Things aren't always what they seem, but actually sometimes disbelieving.
Believing everything you see and hear is a no go.
Although Life is all about perspective inspect it.
Interconnect with your mind, body, and soul.
Sooner or later you'll reach your goal
Oct 2013 · 644
Come Back
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Holding on to my pillow tight, wishing
it was you. Missing your thoughts thinking that
you left too soon... Come back and hold me tight, hypnotize me
so that i can sleep at night.. Your voice was so angelic to my heartbeat.
The harmony reconciling as our laughs filled the skies.. Come back and be with me.
Oct 2013 · 500
Deleted, Erased
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
I deleted our texts.

I erased all your voicemails.


because everything I see reminds me of you,
reminds me of the pain you caused me,
of the burn you gave me.

so I erased it all
like it never existed

hopefully I can do the same
with my mind nonexistence
Oct 2013 · 302
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
The Movement of our legs

one, lift, two, lift.

Such complications in a simple step
Naturality known since our first baby steps,

one, lift, two, lift.

Once the movement becomes right
walking becomes so much more

one, lift, two, lift.

It's a time to think,
to talk
to love the fall

What if we decided to walk?
Slow down the world.
Slow down ourselves.

Some people can't do it because
they are out of shape,
or have no time,
but that's not why.

Some people can't slow down.
Can't let life go by.
Can't pause for but a moment.

We take a stroll every once in a while
(actually more than just a while).
Several times a week
and every walk
is a new adventure.

It's a time to think,
to talk,
to love the fall.
Oct 2013 · 256
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Thought is poetry
to create beauty, is thought itself.
to create mayhem, is thought itself.
to inspire fear, is thought itself.
to inspire love, is thought itself.

we only think in the language we know.
what we do in every single thought.

what we want, what we need
what we are meant to have
who we are
who we love
who we are meant to find

All is thought, in the deepest way,
poetry for the best and worst of days
Oct 2013 · 270
Just a dream
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Now I lay me down  to sleep
For a wishful peaceful dream
Of you and me
To capture a vision what it would mean
Having you lay next to me
Warmth of your body
Close to mine
Holding me so....heavenly divine
I feel your breath upon my neck
Something stirring inside.... oh what the heck
oooh, now I know this is just
Ah.... dream
Oct 2013 · 412
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
What is in a name?
If it gets a lot of fame
Satan writes poems like God
Raskal is a wise poet
Viper is  abeautiful poetic creeper
Crystal Heart’s poetry is really very smart
Dawn to dusk writes poems with a great twist
One may be called with a beautiful name
His life might be full of shame
Some write poems with many fictitious names
The fellow poets call them by names
Your soul is more important than your so called name
Life is a mysterious and miraculous game
We leave this mythical world after playing our parts
Our aim should be winning more and more noble hearts
Oct 2013 · 693
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
The stars come down to earth

On a special plight

To make our lives bright

For kids inexpressible delight

The earth becomes the sky

Our imagination soars very high

The light drives out darkness

As knowledge does ignorance

Even the angels enjoy this night

holding the kids so tight

The moon claps with a shout

even terrorists stops their fight

All religions love light

It is the heavenly sight

May light dawn in our heart!

Loving people is the greatest art
Oct 2013 · 488
Mr. Frog
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
You are a frog in the well

And you can’t see beyond the wall

But I am a fish in the ocean

Nobody can stop my lively motion

You think the water in your well is the pacific

And don’t understand the wise counsel of a critic

I travel as long as I can

Swimming is really my fun

Only the dolphin can match me in the run

I feel why I can’t fly like a swan

I can go deep into the sea

The eagle flies very high with a spree

I really pity you , Mr  frog

Your thinking is really vague

And your movement is a mere hop

You will never come to the top
Oct 2013 · 564
Ppl & I
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
If I come up in life
People are jealous of me
If I am a failure, they take pity on me
I have the guts to face enemies
But I can’t bear sympathies even from friends
I am born to win but not to run away from life’s problems
If there is a problem, I will try to solve it
If there is no remedy, I will leave it
I don’t want to ***** in the dark
but I light a lamp and play in the park
Oct 2013 · 293
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
When the night falls
A  divine woman lights
Millions and millions of lamps
In her big blue house

When the day falls
A divinely bright man enters
In his Golden Chariot
Into her house out shining
Her millions and millions of lamps

Both the woman and the man
Follow the commands
Of their divine master
Some call him God
And others call him
Goddess Nature
Oct 2013 · 506
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
When I first met you
I felt like I had known you forever,
telling you my secrets
and what I didn't want ever.
you listened to me
I bet you thought I'd never end,
who would have thought
we would become more than just friends.
Over a period of time,
I got to know the real you.
A boy so caring and gentle,
with a heart so true.
You've survived your life
with hurt and loneliness by your side.
I told you I'd never leave
because of the feelings I have inside.
I know you
like no one I have ever known,
and sometimes I wonder
what I'd do if you were gone?
So I have decided
time answers all.
If it is meant to be
time will remove the wall.
I love the way we are together,
you can always make me smile.
Will it ever really be forever?
I guess I will have to wait awhile.
Time will reveal, what lies ahead
but always remember
what I have said.
Meeting you has changed my life
and I really love you so,
the feelings I feel for you
I am never letting go.
Remember me always
and I will too.
I always think of
me and you
Oct 2013 · 2.8k
Communication is key
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Communication takes practice,
it's never perfect,
sometimes not patient,
sometimes not kind,
but you have to say what's on
your mind.
Lend an ear,
listen not just hear,
to the ones you love so dear.
Communication is not a one way street,
it takes two,
to concur this feat.
Communication is hard you see,
but in the end,
it is key,
to that great relationship,
we all want and need.
Open your heart,
say what's on your mind,
When you are partners
for life there's nothing to hide
Oct 2013 · 300
Wrong Place
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
I am fly on the wall in the wrong room
I wish I could just fall and be swept by a broom
My eyes have to disguise these un-forsaken views
I come to you lord as I sit in these pews
Don’t leave me in despair
My heart can’t survive this tear
As the fear fills me in my body grows thin
Brittle and cracked as I feel it attack
Release and shed a tear letting all those hear
The level my pain as I wash it down the drain
There is no right there is no wrong
It’s like there is nowhere I belong
On this wall I lay, stuck so I must stay
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