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Mateuš Conrad Sep 2017
oi! macaque! shut your gob! if you leave it open long enough, some bird might actually imitate a hole-in-one dropping a **** into it! or? the wind my change direction, and you'll be stuck with your gob, agape permanently.

one merely asks for a media sabbath,
in plain sight,
of how journalism has totally disengaged
people from writing a history...
heidegger wrote of this -
in the 1930s...
    but only now, the prophecy has
culminated in the advent of the prediction...
we have seized to live in historical
times, perhaps only in england,
where the 2nd elizabethan era comes
to a close...
         **** it... once upon the shoulders
of giants: now?
   on the hunchbacks of nearing death
queens... aphorism XXVI,
of ponderings VI...
       it is not the *west
that will fall:
  merely that its history is threatened
with oblivion...
  where there was once nostalgia,
there is now amnesia...
     what was once a pleasant sensation
of the past bound to nostalgia,
we are not living a gold-fish cruise through
     what was one nostalgia, has now
become nostalgia, and journalism?
the prime culprit...
       there is no history worth reciting,
inviting, writing down,
  the mechanisation automaton of history
that's journalism, has robbed us of
a single: truly, identifiable day worth
both day, month & year...
   i see none...
   what has been most memorable for me
in the past week?
  wales vs. austria...
   the unison song by the welsh crowd that
inspired a young welsh player,
playing his debut, and scoring a formidable
first impression as good as you'll ever get...
ben woodburn...
and... that's about it...
    i can't remember the rest,
  not that i can't be bothered, not that it wasn't
memorable, but journalism in the form
it's at now, cannot allow history to
"happen", i.e. settle in the dust, solidify
itself to become a permanence it deserves,
at least for a century...
  that's not happening!
    and as heidegger suggested:
   mechanisation - automation - exponential
growth with a the base of a common user,
being given as much as: a cognitive wheelchair;
but we're talking germany,
in the 1930s for god's sake!
              and that much was said!
for one thing, journalism has no high
opinion about itself,
    as one journalist once said:
     journalism, that literary butterfly,
worth 2 minutes' "worth" of interest,
and then the more easily discarded...
   shame, i was hoping it could morph back
into silk toiletpaper...
    there's only one reason people are
not reading books... journalism dumbed down
literature, and it eradicated meaningful
nostalgia moments of interest...
the last? nu-metal, or grunge...
    but after that? i lost the plot,
simply because i was given too many plots;
to actually write a "history" is beyond
the "necessity" of "keeping up",
but that's what history is these days:
"keeping up" with the most bogus if not basic
events of non-history...
  for journalism is just that,
it would be orthodox journalism,
if the newspapers didn't excavate further from
the major points of worth attention,
if there were less leisure activities in newspapers,
less belgian waffle, and more german
can there be a newspaper exist that
cites what happened within a dasein framework,
(being there), and less about
          "hier"-sein? i.e. inside a head of
a restaurant critique?
         it's plain obvious, all it would take to
resolve the course of history, would be to enforce
a media sabbath...
       a monday... much about monday,
mondays always provide the anorexic newspaper...
one day! just one! and we could somehow
begin writing history again!
   but given this pulverising strobe-light
of the always-present journalism makes
us shun not only history, but books!
          and isn't it true, that we can't even switch
off in sleep, being pulverised by ******* dreams?
me... i somehow managed to cut down
on dreaming, i found the whole idea a bit,
a tad bit... *******...
     we're not even writing what we think we're
   from what i can remember:
   the past 2001 through to 2017... 16 years?
groundhog day... america aghast...
     it's becoming so ******* boring,
that i can't even stomach the next 16 with a hopeful
smile on the horizon.

— The End —